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RuPaul’s New Drag Queen Dramedy Sexualizes 10-Year-Old Child

January 18, 2020

No 10-year-old child should ever be referred to by the sexual position of a “top,” not even in jest. Note to Netflix: Pedophilia jokes are disturbing.

Tucker Carlson Debunks the Transgender Murder “Epidemic” Myth – VIDEO

January 14, 2020

Last night, I was watching Tucker Carlson when he began a segment on the claim surrounding the mass of transgender people dying and how it’s become something of a national epidemic.

Man in a dress screaming at Muslim woman gets ticket punched – VIDEO

January 13, 2020

A video out of Berlin shows a group of Muslim men attacking a transgender person in a dress in response to a woman wearing a hijab being harassed.

Now Boy George is Transphobic?

January 11, 2020

Boy George rubbishes ‘ridiculous’ transphobia claims – after saying that using someone’s preferred gender pronoun is a ‘modern form of attention-seeking’

Transgenders Attacking Gays and Lesbians for Refusal to Accept Them as Same Sex Lovers

December 22, 2019

“One only wonders, with concern, what the Soviets will do after they have wiped out their bourgeois.” – Sigmund Freud

GLAAD: The speech Stasi for all things LGBTQ

December 21, 2019

Politico recounted its rebuke in its post-debate morning round-up: “GLAAD sent us a note yesterday about Playbook PM, noting that our use of ‘pillow fight’ when describing a fight between Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren may have offended people.”

Liberals Hurl The Killing Curse at J.K. Rowling – VIDEO

December 21, 2019

The most insulting thing about J.K. Rowling’s transphobia is how mundane it is

‘Over-Diagnosing’ Transgender Children alarming trend

December 18, 2019

Up to a quarter of youngsters treated in transgender clinics may simply be autistic – according to new research

Transgenderism is a child of the Left

December 18, 2019

The NHS is “over-diagnosing” children having medical treatment for gender dysphoria, with psychologists unable to properly assess patients over fears they will be branded “transphobic”, former staff have warned.

Star Wars Is Lost To The Dark Side – Mark Dice – VIDEO

December 16, 2019

Star Wars has in recent years focused on winning over “woke” audiences to grow their traditional fanbase