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Mitch McConnell accused of trying to ‘Sabotage’ Green New Deal — by holding vote!

February 13, 2019

It sure seems like Democrats are petrified of Americans seeing what’s really in the Green New Deal

Nick Sandmann’s lawyer announces serious action against Nathan Phillips

February 11, 2019

An attorney representing Nick Sandmann, the 16-year-old student from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky who became the center of political controversy last month, have announced legal action against Nathan Phillips, the Native American man who Sandmann and his classmates were accused of mocking.

Surveillance footage suggests FBI worked with CNN the morning of the Roger Stone raid – VIDEO

February 10, 2019

Tucker Carlson aired and narrated the FBI’s raid on Roger Stone’s home during his show Friday night -VIDEO

AOC’s Green New Deal – ‘Fully Get Rid of Farting Cows and Airplanes’

February 9, 2019

An outline of the soon-to-be-unveiled “Green New Deal” says the proposal set a goal of achieving net-zero emissions — rather zero emissions — in the U.S. because it is not possible to eliminate “farting cows” and airplanes” within the next decade.
“Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s document actually says that she is committed to ridding America of flatulent cows and airplanes,” Steyn quipped. “I always take a flatulent cow on an airplane as an emotional support animal.”

Worst instances of the Media’s Fake News war against the Covington Kids

February 4, 2019

Given the mess their “reporting” left, it’s not easy to sift through the ashes and find the worst examples. Was it the initial rush to get the “smirking punk vs. noble indigenous elder” image out there, or was it the mumbled “more complex picture” sorry-not sorry updates? Was it their inability to forthrightly admit Phillips wasn’t Rambo with a sage stick and never set foot in Vietnam? Or was it their explanations as to why donning MAGA hats is an act of aggression and the kids therefore deserve what they got?

Kathy Griffin, Ilhan Omar retract statements about Covington Kids after Robert Barnes threatens Libel Lawsuit

January 28, 2019

Attorney Robert Barnes warned celebrities, journalists and even members of Congress that if they don’t retract their libelous statements about the Covington teens, they will be served with a lawsuit.

High-profile Liberals scramble to delete their tweets full of hate and slander – VIDEO

January 22, 2019

Tucker Carlson excoriated famous liberals and a few anti-Trump GOP who called for the harassment, assault and murder of a group of Kentucky high school students who were falsely accused of bigotry against a Native American man, Nathan Phillips, at a pro-life demonstration on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Give peace a chance: End the War on Males

January 14, 2019

The American Psychological Association (APA) has released guidelines that teach psychologists working with men and boys that “traditional masculinity is psychologically harmful.”

CNN ‘Journalist of the Year’ smeared small-town American Trump voters as backward, gun-toting hicks

December 23, 2018

Claas Relotius – the CNN ‘Journalist of the Year’ exposed as a lying fraud – smeared small-town American Trump voters as backward, gun-toting hicks in one of his fake news articles for the German magazine Der Spiegel.

CNN awarded ‘Journalist of the Year’ to Fake News Maker

December 22, 2018

Tucker Mocks CNN for Awarding ‘Journalist of the Year’ to Fake News Maker