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Texas Teacher accused of molesting 4th grade girl

May 16, 2018

A Texas elementary school music teacher was arrested Monday after a girl in the fourth grade accused him of repeatedly touching her genitals through her clothing.

Mississippi Teacher accused of sex with Student on the lam with Teen

May 2, 2018

A Mississippi teacher accused of sexual misconduct with a teenage student is on the lam as of Tuesday, weeks after her arrest on sexual battery charges, police say.

Married Manchester Teacher had alleged affair with pupil

April 10, 2018

A married Teacher sent a card to her 15-year-old pupil asking ‘Who else can I be a slut with?’

Professor resigns after accused of orgy with Students

April 8, 2018

Psychology professor, 43, who ‘had an orgy with students and groomed a recovering cancer patient before making her pregnant’ was allowed to RESIGN rather than be fired

Newlywed Teacher accused of sexual misconduct after Police busted her for being half-naked in car with student

February 18, 2018

A South Carolina teacher is accused of sexual misconduct after police busted her for being half-naked while in a car with a student

Temptress Teacher arrested after sex with Student – VIDEO

February 7, 2018

Teacher, 22, accused of having sex with her teenage male student ‘said she loved him and that he was kind to her after she was arrested’

Teacher asked for naughty bits pics in exchange for better grades

January 27, 2018

The Passaic High School teacher arrested Wednesday on charges he allegedly had sexually inappropriate conversations with two teenage students asked for pictures of their penis in exchange for a better class grade, according to court documents.

Music Teacher who sent bare bum photo to former student fired

January 10, 2018

Music teacher at John Humphrys’ old school who sent a photo of his bottom to a former pupil, 17, who shared it with friends intent on outing him as gay faces being struck off

Math Teacher slit his wife’s throat, admitted to sexual relationship with 14-year-old Student

January 4, 2018

Middle school math teacher ‘slit his wife’s throat as he tried to kill her during a row’ and then admitted to cops he’d had an 18-month sexual relationship with a 14-year-old pupil

Texas Father allegedly caught 13-year-old Son having sex with Teacher

December 28, 2017

A Texas father allegedly caught his 13-year-old son having sex with a teacher in the back seat of a car.