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Real Housewives of Atlanta drama overload

January 31, 2014

The authenticity of a reality show is something constantly scrutinized.

But in the case of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta, the drama is very real.

It did not take long for Kenya Moore to seemingly react publicly to the news of charges against Phaedra Parks’ husband, Apollo Nida, for bank fraud and identity theft.

Tori Spelling’s husband is a Love Rat

January 31, 2014

Tori Spelling‘s love rat husband has made a senses shattering confession!

In rehab for the “mistakes” he has made and the “pain” he has caused his family, Dean McDermott has privately admitted to his devastated wife that he cheated with as many five in the last two years while married, RadarOnine.com has been told.

The 47-year-old father-of-five came clean during therapy and said most of the women he cheated on Spelling with were hook-ups whilst he was traveling, a source claimed.

“He was forced to finally admit the truth to Tori,” the insider said.

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“Making matters worse, Dean admitted to not always using protection during the encounters. It’s the ultimate betrayal for Tori and she probably won’t be able to ever forgive him for that. It’s one thing to cheat, but another to have unprotected sex,” claimed the source.


January 31, 2014


Bruce Jenner sex-change rumors

January 31, 2014

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Three heads are better than one

January 31, 2014

Beck said he, Levin and Hannity all have a different skill set, all of which are important to bring the country together and focus on real solutions.

“We are at the end,” Beck added. “And if talk radio begins to move together and we all understand: I don’t do what Sean Hannity does, and he can’t do what I can do. Same with Mark. I mean that… Everybody plays a different role. And each of us have an important piece.”

In his heart, Glenn says he believes his role to influence the culture, while Levin is able to nail the intricacies of politics. Hannity, he said, has a knack for outlining common sense, workable solutions to some of the most complex problems facing the United States.

The news is undoubtedly music to many conservative ears. Though Beck admitted progressives will not take the news well. He even jokingly referred to the trio as the “Wonder Twins.”

New “honeypot” encryption system relies on tricking cybercriminals

January 31, 2014

Researchers have unveiled a radical new way to secure passwords – and say fooling hackers is key.

The new honey encryption system relies on tricking cybercriminals.

It gives hackers fake data in response to incorrect password guesses, fooling the hacker repeatedly.

Scarlett Johansson stands up to Jew haters

January 31, 2014

Hollywood starlet Scarlett Johansson has quit her role as an “ambassador” for Oxfam International after the global charity criticized her for appearing in a Sodastream commercial that was prepared for the Super Bowl. Sodastream, an Israeli company that manufactures do-it-yourself carbonated beverage systems, has been targeted by the anti-Israel left because it has a factory in Ma’ale Adumim, an eastern suburb of Jerusalem that lies across the 1949 armistice line, and hence inside the West Bank, which Palestinians claim as their own.

Paula Patton muy atractivo provocativo fotos – Part SIX of SEVEN

January 31, 2014

Paula Patton erotic sexy photos and GIFs

Amanda Knox found guilty of murder again

January 30, 2014

AMANDA KNOX and her former lover have been found guilty of the murder of MEREDITH KERCHER in a bombshell Italian re-trial.

Knox was not present in the courtroom when the verdict was read and has remained in the United States throughout the trial. She said she was afraid she would be “wrongly convicted” again.

Knox was sentenced to 28 years in jail.

As The ENQUIRER previously reported, the Seattle native was convicted in 2009 in the murder of UK student and her roomie Kercher in Perugia, Italy, getting a 26-year sentence.

As The ENQUIRER previously reported the sentence was overturned two years earlier.

Knoxy’s ex-BF Raffaele Sollecito was also found guilty again by the jury
Prosecutor Alessandro Crini previously said that if Knox was found guilty again they would try and extradite her from the U.S.

DMX turned down a deal with the Devil

January 30, 2014

Rapper DMX turned down a deal with the Devil – VIDEO