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Kris Humphries wants an annulment instead of divorce decree from Kar-Trashian

November 30, 2011

Kris Humphries wants an annulment instead of divorce from Kim Kardashian

Obama’s Lapdog Media at war with Cain

November 30, 2011

Ginger White the latest media darling to lie and slander Herman Cain

3,500 London girls may be forced to undergo Female Genital Mutilation

November 30, 2011

More than three thousand London girls are at risk of genital mutilation every year, experts warned today.

The report by black and ethnic minority women’s organisation Imkaan found that in the city 3,500 baby girls are born every year to mothers who have suffered female genital mutilation, and therefore are at risk themselves. This is an increase of 65 per

Evil Mainstream Media determined to destroy Herman Cain

November 30, 2011

Herman Cain not dropping out of the race for President

Toxic HPV vaccines for third world worth billions to Big Pharma

November 30, 2011

At its recent board meeting in Bangladesh, the GAVI Alliance, formerly known as the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations, announced plans to bring the deadly human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines Gardasil (Merck & Co.) and Cervarix (GlaxoSmithKline) into the third world. A pro-vaccination group backed by the World Bank, UNICEF, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the vaccine industry, GAVI’s stated goal is to vaccinate 240 million children by 2015.

007 Daniel Craig says Kardashian Klan are “f***ing idiots”

November 30, 2011

They have made millions from living their lives in the public eye thanks to their reality television shows.

But one person who is less than impressed by the Kardashian family’s careers is Daniel Craig, who launched an astonishing foul-mouthed rant at the brood, headed by Kim Kardashian, in a new interview with GQ magazine.

The James Bond star labelled the clan ‘f***ing idiots’ and criticised those who ‘sell’ themselves and then make demands about their private lives.

Comrade Obama insuring an open border with Mexico

November 29, 2011

The Obama administration has slashed spending on border fencing, infrastructure and technology, cutting it by more than half since it peaked under President George W. Bush in fiscal 2008, according to a Government Accountability Office report.

In 2008, according to GAO, the federal government spent more than $1.3 billion on border security fencing, infrastructure and technology. In 2011, it spend $573 million.

Dictator Obama lavishing tax dollars on Commie ACORN front groups

November 29, 2011

The Obama administration has showered its allies at ACORN Housing with $729,849 so far this year despite powerful, newly unveiled evidence of corruption and massive accounting irregularities at the longtime affiliate of ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now).

Watchdog group Cause of Action recently pressured NeighborWorks America, a taxpayer-funded federal nonprofit that funneled more than $26.5 million in federal foreclosure-avoidance money to ACORN Housing, to disclose an internal audit furnished to then-Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd, Connecticut Democrat, late last year.

Bruce Jenner and Momma Pimp Kris Jenner’s marriage on the rocks

November 29, 2011

The KARDASHIAN clan is at war – and falling apart fast! First, KIM’s shock­ing split from basketball pro KRIS HUMPHRIES after 72 days of matrimony – and now her parents BRUCE and KRIS JENNER’s marriage is crumbling, say sources.

The ENQUIRER has learned that the 20-year union of reality TV’s most famous mom and pop – former Olympian Bruce and manager/show producer Kris – is on the rocks and both of them are ready to throw in the towel.

They’ve been battling over ev­erything from money to how to raise their offspring.

Oscar Wilde tombstone kissing now off limits

November 29, 2011

The final resting place of the famous Irish playwright and poet, located in the Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris, has been damaged by the popular practice of leaving lipstick kisses on the tombstone. It was not the kisses causing the damage per se, but the repeated cleaning of the stone to remove the smooch marks.

Kissing Wilde’s tomb has been a popular activity with tourists since the 1990s, yet Wilde’s grandson says the lipstick had become a “serious problem.”