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As Sarah Palin warned – there will be death panels under Obamacare

August 31, 2014

Prior to Democrats ramming substandard corporatized medical care down the throats of the American people at gunpoint, Democrats argued that death panels would not be part of Obamacare.

However, now that Obamacare is law, the truth has finally emerged – death panels are indeed part of the law.

On Saturday The New York Times reported that “the issue of paying doctors to talk to patients about end-of-life care is making a comeback, and such sessions may be covered for the 50 million Americans on Medicare as early as next year.”

Medicare will begin covering “end-of-life discussions” next year. It will decide to institute this policy after consultation with the American Medical Association, the corporatist trade guild responsible in part for monopolizing medicine.

Rumors floating around RHONJ star Teresa Giudice is headed for a divorce

August 31, 2014

Is Teresa Giudice headed for a divorce?

There are some new rumors floating around that Teresa and her husband, Joe Giudice, are planning on ending their marriage pending the outcome of their September hearing. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Teresa is furious with Joe and blames him for getting her into this mess. Of course, she’s going to have a hard time explaining that in court, if that’s her plan, because she has spent the whole summer loving up on her husband and posting the photo proof on the internet.

“According to the sources, Teresa blames Joe for the situation she’s in right now, and she’s planning on reiterating that during her sentencing. She wants everybody to know that it was Joe who was behind all their illegal activity, including the tax fraud. She thinks that by divorcing Joe and blaming the whole situation on him, she’ll engender some sympathy from the judge and jury.”

Leftist ideology produces economic and societal catastrophe

August 31, 2014

Competence is the ability to get things done. The word itself has no particular value judgment attached to it.

Many perfectly intelligent people have been labeled “incompetent,” particularly by conservatives, when actually they are or have been quite competent — at achieving disasters. We have such a person sitting in the White House — quite intelligent, but committed to disastrous ideology. Our present administration is not incompetent in the way its officials go about achieving their goals, using as they do the incredible powers of bureaucracy and executive orders to bypass Congress and override the Constitution. They are perfectly competent in promoting and putting their toxically incompetent leftist ideology into effect.

To put it another way, people who are competent at creating disasters are not necessarily dimwitted, though some are. The problem is not their stupidity. The problem is that their core ideas about how the world works are wrong. If their basic ideas are wrong, everything else goes wrong.

Political Correctness protecting child rape gangs

August 31, 2014

It’s the crime no one wants to take responsibility for. The same statements are trotted out time after time. “Missed opportunities” and “lessons have been learned” are the stock phrases we’ve grown tired of hearing from council officers and police chiefs. But the horror stories keep coming. Children being trafficked from one town to the next, raped in dingy flats then beaten, held at gun point, doused in petrol and threatened to be set alight if they so much as breathe a word. This is not happening in some war-torn Eastern Bloc country. It’s happening here in Britain and all we’re seeing is a lot of hand wringing from unsackable, unaccountable and unapologetic public servants.

Is Dan Savage worse than the Westboro Baptist Church? – VIDEO

August 31, 2014

Exclusive: Molotov Mitchell looks at ‘put up or shut up’ challenge to controversial church

Horndog Matt Lauer in hot water with his wife

August 31, 2014

Former model ANNETTE ROQUE – who’s admitted to friends she and “Today” host/hubby MATT LAUER would’ve split years ago if not for their three children – just dropped a bombshell, telling her inner circle she’s finally calling it quits because his playboy ways are making headlines AGAIN!

Said a pal: “Annette says she’s now ready to pull the plug. She’d helped Matt endure the public beating he took for helping orchestrate co-host ANN CURRY’s firing – and the show’s shocking ratings drop – but he’s emboldened again, thanks to his fat contract extension and rising ratings. Matt’s playboy ways are re-surfacing!”

Kaley Cuoco – I’m coocoo for Kaley’s puffs! – Part ONE of FIVE

August 31, 2014

She just signed a 72 episode contract for her hit TV series The Big Bang Theory that will see her pull in $72m over the next three seasons.

But Kaley Cuoco still likes to pump her gas.

On Tuesday the 28-year-old star was seen fueling up her SUV while holding her dog. There was not an assistant or bodyguard in sight.

Michael Sam cut from the St. Louis Rams

August 31, 2014

On Saturday, the St. Louis Rams cut Michael Sam.
According to ESPN, Sam did not make the 53-man roster but is still a candidate for the practice squad. Sam “officially hit waivers Saturday at 4 p.m. ET when all NFL teams had to trim their rosters down to the league-mandated 53 players. From there, the other 31 teams will have 24 hours to put in a claim for Sam.”
ESPN reported that “the Rams would like to bring Sam back to their 10-man practice squad” if he is not claimed.


August 30, 2014

TRASHY MOVIE SATURDAY NIGHT – ‘Vampirella’ – ‘Suspiria’ – ‘Inferno’ – ‘Vampire Hunter D’

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are consciously coupling

August 30, 2014

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are consciously coupling, following the Coldplay rocker’s split from Gwyneth Paltrow. E! News reports that multiple sources say Lawrence and Martin have been hot and heavy since late June, after Oscar winner Lawrence split with on-again, off-again boyfriend Nicholas Hoult. Martin and Paltrow announced their “conscious uncoupling” after more than 10 years of marriage in March, with the odd announcement on Paltrow’s lifestyle site, Goop. Paltrow, meanwhile, is said to be dating “Glee” co-creator Brad Falchuk