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Videos show fleet of UFOs passing in front of the Moon

April 30, 2014


Selena Gomez dumps Horndog Beiber over racy photos/texts from Kylie Jenner on his phone

April 30, 2014

After a cozy two weekends in Coachella, Selena Gomez erased Instagram party photos with best gal pals Kylie and Kendall Jenner — and now RadarOnline.com can exclusively report why.

During the festival, the Come And Get It singer, 21, discovered shocking text messages and photos from Kylie, 16, on 20-year-old boyfriend Justin Bieber ’s phone.

“Selena flipped out and there was a huge fight between the girls,” an insider tells RadarOnline.com. “She now wants nothing to do with Kylie or Kendall.”

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“She was already getting bad vibes from Kylie— Selena thinks she parties way too hard.”

The reality sisters weren’t the only victims of Gomez’s wrath.

“Selena was also furious at Justin,” the insider adds. “They’re not together right now.”

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And she may have already moved on: Gomez was spotted chatting up Orlando Bloom , 37, at comedienne Chelsea Handler’s L.A. show on April 26.

After all, as RadarOnline.com previously reported, Gomez has been telling friends she’s ready to date an older, mature man.

“She’s grown tired of Justin’s attention-grabbing antics,” a source explains. “There could soon be a permanent breakup between the two.”

Rihanna dares to go bare for French Playboy magazine

April 30, 2014

Robin Rihanna Fenty erotic topless photos from French Playboy

Intense actor Bob Hoskins dead at 71

April 30, 2014

Bob Hoskins was born on October 26, 1942, in Bury St. Edmund’s, Suffolk, where his mother was living after being evacuated as a result of the heavy bombings. He is the son of Elsie Lillian (Hopkins), a nursery school teacher and cook, and Robert William Hoskins, Sr., who drove a lorry and worked as a bookkeeper. Growing up, Hoskins received only limited education and he left school at 15, but with a passion for language and literature instilled by his former English teacher. A regular theatre-goer, Hoskins dreamed of starring on stage, but before he could do so he had to work odd jobs for a long time to make ends meet. His acting career started out more by accident than by design, when he accompanied a friend to watch some auditions, only to be confused for one of the people auditioning, getting a script pushed into his hands with the message “You’re next”. He got the part and acquired an agent. After some stage success, he expanded to television with roles in television series such as Villains (1972) and Thick as Thieves (1974). In the mid-’70s, he started his film career, standing out when he performed alongside Richard Dreyfuss in John Byrum’s Inserts (1974) and in a smaller part in Richard Lester’s Royal Flash (1975).

What’s in your wallet?

April 30, 2014

With the lifetime ban by the NBA of despicably racist Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, the door is wide open to further sports bans on people who say offensive things in private.

Rita Ora nearly spills out of her top during performance

April 30, 2014

She was on stage to showcase her talents to the American crowd.

But Rita Ora nearly revealed more than she bargained for as she wore a daring low-cut top during in New York on Tuesday night.

The 23-year-old singer worked the stage in a floral patterned ensemble as she performed at The Box nightclub.

‘Tucker and Dale vs. Evil’ movie review

April 29, 2014

‘Tucker and Dale vs. Evil’ movie review

“My kids used to love math, now it makes them cry” – Louis C.K.

April 29, 2014

One of the things renowned comedian Louis C.K. is known for is speaking his mind, so it’s no surprise to see him vent his frustration on Twitter after sitting down to help his daughters with their homework.
Yesterday, the star of the FX show Louis published a series of tweets expressing his outrage towards New York state’s Common Core standardized testing and math curriculum, some of whose problems, he says, are so difficult to comprehend they actually made his children cry.

English teacher allegedly had sexual relationship with a 13 year old male student

April 29, 2014

A Delaware high school teacher turned herself into police Monday morning amid allegations she had a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old male student.

Stephanie Seabury, 22, started working as an English teacher at Fred Fifer III Middle School in Camden in August last year.

Police allege that on February 26 she had sexual intercourse with the boy at her home, the Woodmill Apartments in Dover.

Matthew McConaughey savior of sea life

April 29, 2014

Stand up and cheer for Oscar winner MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY, who came splashing out of the Malibu surf in his black wetsuit after spotting six late-teen kids harassing a baby seal that had beached itself, cruelly poking the sea creature with their feet – and a stick!

Bellowed Matthew: “BACK OFF – and I’m not going to ask you a second time!”

Stunned at realizing the guy rousting them was the star of “Dallas Buyers Club,” the teens listened open-mouthed as he harangued them with a long lecture on respecting wildlife.

Said an eyewitness: “Matthew told the kids the seal wasn’t hurt, it was resting and sunning itself – and that young pups do this all the time while the mother seals swim close by until they’re ready to re-enter the sea.

After a 20-minute lecture on sea life, the kids were so anxious to get away that they didn’t even bother to ask the star to pose for a photo.

One of the boys said, ‘I wanted to ask him to do a selfie, but I was afraid he’d just keep talking!’ Even after the boys left, McConaughey wound up sitting a few yards from the seal for about a half-hour until it slipped back into the ocean to join its momma!”