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Charlie Sheen hooked on Charlie Sheen

February 28, 2011

____4 GREEN links below – . ______Charlie Sheen ______“I am on a drug. ______It’s called Charlie Sheen“ ______6abc.com . ______Charlie Sheen ______in interview rant ______demands pay hike ______Yahoo! News . ______Charlie Sheen ______on Past Drug Use, ______CBS Actor Says ______He Will Sue – ______ABC News . ______Charlie Sheen ______Reneges on ______‘Apoplectic’ ______ABC News – ______The […]

China Gamer dies after 3 days in Internet cafe

February 28, 2011

. _-__GREEN link below – . ____Chinese sits ____at Internet ____cafe playing ____for 3 days ____non-stop ____and dies – ____pravda.ru .

Town of F**king has no F**king postcards

February 28, 2011

Town of Fucking Austria has no Fucking postcards

Town of Lunt signs target of vandals and yobs

February 28, 2011

Town of Lunt England upset with vandals changing the town sign

Aylar Dianati Lie of Iran erotico foto galeria

February 28, 2011

Aylar Dianati Lie erotic photo gallery

Charlie Sheen remembers enough for his memoirs?

February 27, 2011

. -____4 GREEN links below – . .___Charlie Sheen .___to release .___his memoirs? .___The Times of India . .___Charlie Sheen .___wants $10 million .___for tell-all memoir .___Charlie Sheen .___Salon.com . .___Charlie Sheen .___Claims He’s .___Writing a Memoir .___The Hollywood Reporter . .___EXCLUSIVE: .___Emilio Estevez .___And Martin Sheen .___Memoir Will Not .___Feature Charlie .___Radar Online

George Clooney: The Man From U.N.C.L.E.?

February 27, 2011

. ____ Everyone knows George Clooney is the perfect choice to play Napoleon Solo in a remake of the classic TV show ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E.’. -____Check out the ___two videos below – ___really great work. . ____GREEN links below – _____New Man From _____U.N.C.L.E. Titles . _____The Man From _____U.N.C.L.E. Title _____Sequence _____(Fan Made) […]

George Clooney reveals his naughty past

February 27, 2011

  ____GREEN links below – . _____George Clooney _____covers Newsweek, _____talks drug use, _____women and _____bong water – _____Pop2it – Zap2it . _____George Clooney _____on politics: _____I’ve had _____too much sex, ____done too many _____drugs to ever _____run for office . .

Congratulations to Kelsey and Kayte Grammer

February 27, 2011

-__4 GREEN links below – . ___Kelsey Grammer ___denies ‘malicious’ ___rumors about why ___his marriage to ___Camille Donatacci ___ended – ___New York Daily News . ___Kelsey Grammer ___marries for ___fourth time – ___on Broadway – ___Yahoo! News . ___Kelsey Grammer, ___Kayte Walsh Wed – ___TVGuide.com . ___Kelsey Grammer ___Awards | Oscars, ___SAG, Emmy, ___and more […]

Charlie Sheen’s Word War

February 26, 2011

_____3 GREEN links below – . _______Sheen vows _______response to _______‘Men’ cancellation _____________UPI.com . _______CBS Pulls Plug On _______“Two And A Half Men” _____________CBS Sacramento . _______Sheen rants _______at Lorre after _______sitcom shutdown – _________Yahoo! News UK ______“Who the Hell _says I need treatment! _I ought to kick Doctor ____Drew’s ass for ___ implying I may […]