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Rashida Tlaib’s First Day in Congress: ‘We’re Gonna Impeach the Motherf**ker.’

January 4, 2019

On her first day as a new member of the United States House of Representatives, Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) called on her colleagues to begin taking steps towards impeaching President Trump.

Why was a Muslim Doctor who vowed to poison Jewish patients working at the famed Cleveland Clinic?

January 1, 2019

A Muslim doctor was fired from a Cleveland, Ohio clinic after it was discovered she bragged she would purposely give all Jewish patients the wrong medication

Anti-Semitism Infests Florida Women’s March As Anniversary March Approaches

December 30, 2018

Half a million U.S. girls are at-risk of female genital mutilation as a result of large-scale Muslim migration

Female Swedish journalist- “The Media couldn’t care less about reports of Middle Eastern migrants sexually assaulting women en masse”

December 29, 2018

A female Swedish journalist became disillusioned with her country after witnessing how “in a country that claims to be one of the most feminist places on earth” the media couldn’t care less about reports of Middle Eastern migrants sexually assaulting women en masse at a music festival in 2015.

BEN & JERRY’S standing by partnership with Women’s March despite anti-Semitism reeking in the ranks

December 11, 2018

How does ice cream become controversial? Well, sprinkle in some progressive politics and, voila, you get a batch of Ben & Jerry’s. The Vermont ice cream maker has long been known for its owners’ leftist political leanings, which is ironic given that the company has thrived on the principles of free-market capitalism. But who ever said lefties were consistent?

Alyssa Milano won’t join Women’s March over Linda Sarsour’s participation

November 16, 2018

Actress Alyssa Milano, who has been one of the leading strident voices for the feminist and leftist agenda, attacking the GOP and telling voters to boycott the party, maligning the NRA consistently and tweeting, “F*** you, NRA,” and targeting Justice Brett Kavanaugh, writing, “We will do whatever we can to stop Brett Kavanaugh from serving on the Supreme Court of our United States,” finally got something right, telling The Advocate, a gay community magazine, that she would not speak at the Women’s March while its leaders include Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory, who have supported racist and anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan.

Egyptian media has accused the late John McCain of being the ‘Godfather’, ‘leader’, and ‘real Supreme Guide’ of the Muslim Brotherhood

September 5, 2018

Egyptian media: John McCain is real Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood

Five alleged Muslim extremists accused of training children to carry out school shootings released after complaints of Islamophobia

August 15, 2018

Five alleged Muslim extremists who are accused of training children to carry out school shootings have been released on bond after one of their attorneys complained that the men were only being targeted because they’re “black and Muslim,” as opposed to “white and Christian.”

Tommy Robinson out of prison on bail

August 1, 2018

The British Court of Appeal has released street organiser and citizen journalist Tommy Robinson from prison on bail, pending a fresh hearing over his contempt of court charge.