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Woke White Women: Another Culture Wars casualty

July 13, 2020

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Fearing Cancellation, Some Withdraw Signatures From Open Letter Decrying Cancel Culture

July 13, 2020

Some of the public figures who signed an open letter decrying the rise of cancel culture retracted their support, presumably fearing they too might become a victim of it.

I’m Sorry. – Mark Dice VIDEO

July 13, 2020

Remove term: I’m Sorry – Mark Dice VIDEO I’m Sorry – Mark Dice VIDEO

Totalitarian Left Cult demands you kneel

July 13, 2020

These new-age Brown shirts — a wicked brand of Antifa thugs, BLM rioters and media collaborators — are the army emboldening the Left’s mob-style rise to power. If their mob mentality is not stopped in its tracks, and their selfish race war not defeated, they will continue to destroy the country both physically and spiritually, persecuting their opposition with false guilt and public humiliation, then taking over cities kinetically until they achieve their totalitarian goals.

Bath & Body Works Manager Yells “F*ck Donald Trump!” at Customer Wearing Trump Face Mask

July 12, 2020

Bath & Body Works Manager No Longer Working at Store After Yelling “F*ck Donald Trump!” at Customer Wearing Trump 2020 Face Mask (VIDEO)

m o d e r n i t y – Paul Joseph Watson VIDEO

July 12, 2020

How radical is your movement when it’s supported by virtually every major cultural institution, organ of state and transnational corporation in the west?

The Groupthink Pandemic

July 11, 2020

Groupthink is all around us. Decision-making in government, in the media and at work. It’s slowly killing the world

Woke Warriors terrible totalitarian tendencies

July 11, 2020

How woke warriors have cancelled common sense: Jodie Comer, Halle Berry and Florence Pugh are all deemed to have transgressed the moral code of a self-appointed, self-righteous mob but it’s not too late to fight back, says JOHN HUMPHRYS

President Trump Commutes Roger Stone’s Prison Sentence

July 11, 2020

President Donald Trump on Friday commuted the 40-month prison sentence of seasoned Republican operative Roger Stone just days before his term was scheduled to commence, the White House announced.

Does Black Lives Matter Create a Hostile Work Environment?

July 10, 2020

Black Lives Matter has created an environment in which you can destroy just about anybody by calling him a racist, and now we need to turn this environment against BLM. Could a good employment lawyer argue that an employer’s or university’s support for BLM constitutes an actionable hostile work environment or hostile learning environment?