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Corporate CEO shoots elephant (I only imply for ‘Psychological Viagra’)

March 31, 2011

____GREEN links below – . ____Activists slam ____Go Daddy CEO ____for elephant hunt ____Go Daddy CEO ____Catches Flak For ____Elephant Kill – ____Phoenix News Story ____KPHO Phoenix ___Go Daddy Founder ___& CEO Bob Parsons‘ ___Personal Blog ___GoDaddy CEO ___Bob Parsons Shoots ___an Elephant For ___a Good Cause. ___Too Bad He’s Wrong ___Ecocentric – ___TIME.com ___YouTube […]

Tiger Wood’s Sex Ship Sale – disinfectants not included

March 31, 2011

____GREEN link below – . __Tiger Woods __mega yacht, ____‘Privacy,’ -__up for sale – _for $25 million __NYPOST.com Tiger (Hot Putter) Woods links Tiger Woods wife to kick his assets! Tiger Woods named Playah Of The Year by the P.G.A. Tiger Woods at age 33 finally learns that actions have consequences _______ Miss Piggy does not approve of […]

Katie Holmes and Suri funny photo not amusing Katie

March 31, 2011

____GREEN link below – . ____Katie Holmes ____reveals why ____daughter Suri ____ended up with ____‘penis gummies‘ ____Mail Online

Russell Brand bares his naughty past with Sun’s Gordon Smart

March 31, 2011

______________________________Photo below by DAVE HOGAN/SUN .__Gordon Smart ._& Russell Brand ____GREEN link below – -___Russell –___Brand -__speaks to -.__The Sun | -.__The Sun | -.__Showbiz| _______

Obama was born somewhere and only racists ask for exotic paperwork

March 31, 2011

. ._GREEN link below – _Springs man’s claim ____to have Obama _____records sets ____birthers abuzz | __springs, colorado, .__obama – Colorado _Springs Gazette, CO

Warren Beatty tracks down Dick Tracy

March 30, 2011

___GREEN links below – . __Dick Tracy:   _Warren Beatty   finally gets his man   _Hero Complex –   Los Angeles Times __Actor Beatty   Wins Suit Against   __Tribune Over   ____Rights   _to Dick Tracy   -_Character –   -_Bloomberg -_Warren Beatty   ___Victorious!   ._Actor Warren   -_Beatty Wins   __Dick Tracy […]

Ben Franklin builds Nintendo 3DS

March 30, 2011

___GREEN link below – . ___Nintendo 3DS ___Costs About ___$100 to Make, ___Teardowns ___Reveal – ___Yahoo! News

Oprah’s OWN eggs need hot air to hatch – Rosie O’Donnell to the rescue

March 30, 2011

. ____GREEN link below – ____Oprah Winfrey ____puts trust in ____Rosie O’Donnell ____to save OWN with ____new talk show – ____NYPOST.com . The Rosie View Song! sung to the tune of ‘The Flintstones Song’ Rosie, she’s our Rosie,She spouts to our Unending glee, From her home of The View,She skews the news For all to […]


March 30, 2011

Tara Reid erotic sexy photo gallery and ‘THE BIG LEBOWSKI 2’ UNCENSORED MOVIE TRAILER

Dem Congressman Schumer bottle feeding daily ‘catch phrase’ to Laptop Lapdogs of Liberalism

March 29, 2011

______GREEN link below – . _______Schumer ______coordinates ______Dem budget -______attack on _________GOP ______Susan Ferrechio ____Beltway Confidential -___Washington Examiner