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White Woman claimed 9-year-old Black Boy touched her behind – video saves child

October 17, 2018

The “believe woman” claims of rape no-matter-what meme continues to trivialize real rape and other forms of assault, while turning women into permanently helpless victims unable to function in simple every day activities because #MeToo!

Ex-Democratic staffer arrested for dangerous Doxing of Senators

October 4, 2018

U.S. Capitol Police arrested Wednesday a former Democratic staffer suspected of posting the personal information of at least one United States senator to the internet.

Teacher’s Aide admits losing virginity to 15-year-old Student

September 16, 2018

Middle school teacher’s aide, 25, admits losing her virginity to 15-year-old student and claims she loved him ‘with all her heart’

The whole culture of Left-Wing “Activism” is a “Spartacus Illusion”

September 12, 2018

For the last three years I have been developing a theory about the left’s “activism” culture. But I have failed miserably to come up with a catchy title for the whole thing.

Thank you, Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ). You are a champ!

I am here to say that the whole culture of left-wing “activism,” starting not later than Marx and Engels, is a “Spartacus Illusion,” the fantasy — or conceit, or outright lie — of little lefty rich kids from the ruling class thinking they are slaves taking it to The Man.

Should Colin Kaepernick receive civilian medal of honor for his sacrifice? – VIDEO

September 8, 2018

A former U.S. Marine, Jesse Kelly, ripped Nike for touting former quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s bravery despite making millions of dollars.

Kelly made the comments on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show Friday night.

Nike stock plummets after Kaepernick ad campaign announced

September 5, 2018

Some fans took to Twitter and took out their frustrations on their Nike gear

Asia Argento: Poster Girl for the #SheToo movement

August 21, 2018

Asia Argento secretly paid off a young male actor accusing her of sexual misconduct in the months after her revelations about the disgraced movie mogul

North Carolina Teacher arrested for allegdly having sex with her 15-year-old foster child

August 18, 2018

A middle school teacher in North Carolina was detained for allegedly having a sexual relationship with her 15-year-old foster child

NBC ignores ANTIFA assaulting their own employees in exchange for thumping Trump’s voters

August 14, 2018

On the one-year anniversary of the deadly Charlottesville protests, white supremacists and radical leftists known as Antifa descended on the Virginia town once more to commit more violence. Late Saturday night, NBC News reporter Cal Perry and his crew were in the thick of it as Antifa members ganged up on them and attacked. The next morning, NBC’s Sunday Today ignored the attack and suggested the media was simply “heckled” by their assaulters.