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Fascist Left plotting for inauguration chaos – VIDEO

January 16, 2017

A new video released Monday by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas shows left-wing activists allegedly planning to use butyric acid bombs — commonly known as “stink bombs” — to disrupt an event scheduled for the week of Donald Trump’s inauguration as the 45th President of the United States.

Chicago Police finally file Hate Crime charges over tortured teenager

January 6, 2017

Chicago prosecutors filed hate crime and other felony charges Thursday against four people suspected of holding a special needs man captive and assaulting him in a racially charged attack broadcast live on Facebook

HOLLYWEED sign returns – 41 years ago to the day after it first appeared

January 2, 2017

While attention-grabbing, the prank was not exactly original. Forty-one years ago to the day – Jan. 1, 1976 – a college student similarly altered the sign, using curtains to make it read “HOLLYWEED”.

Gay Teacher and Husband dead in murder-suicide after accused of sexual assault by eight boys

December 29, 2016

An elementary schoolteacher and his partner engaged in ongoing sexual contact with eight underage boys over several years and then killed themselves when discovered, according to documents released by police in South St. Paul Minnesota Tuesday.

Police post photo of seized Maryjane Weed Christmas tree

December 25, 2016

Police in England made a surprising festive find during a drugs bust in the run up to Christmas.

Cops raided a house in Cheltenham on Wednesday and discovered a Christmas tree nestled among a small cannabis farm.

Proof of Obama’s fake birth certificate heading to Congress

December 18, 2016

Evidence that the document presented to the American public by Barack Obama as his Hawaiian birth certificate is fake soon will be heading to members of Congress, and the difficult discussions over what crimes may have been committed and what should be done could begin soon.

The atmosphere in Washington will be different under Trump, who will be inaugurated Jan. 20, since he publicly questioned Obama’s birth certificate in 2011. During this election season, he stated he now believes Obama was born in Hawaii

Folks faking Hate Crimes feed Media frenzy

December 15, 2016

Reports of a spike in “attacks” on Muslims and other minorities since the election of Donald Trump have appeared in countless media outlets over the past several days, with most of them based on a Southern Poverty Law Center list of 701 incidents of “hate crimes.”

European Union to censor U.S. websites – VIDEO

December 7, 2016

Alex Jones breaks down how the European Union is demanding that Twitter, YouTube and Facebook censor “illegal hate speech” within 24 hours, content that includes so-called “fake news,” a term so broad that it includes perfectly legitimate news content.

Gym Teacher’s workout with Student naughty not nice

December 2, 2016

A high school teacher who was arrested for allegedly having sex with one of her underage students has been hit with seven additional charges.

Corine Audiat was a teacher at Washington High School in Fremont, California, before she was charged on Thanksgiving with having unlawful sex with a minor.

Ghosts in the machine only visible with high beams – VIDEO

November 19, 2016

While those in the West are used to seeing car stickers in rear windows declaring ‘baby on board’, it seems motorists in China are not such a soft touch when it comes to careless drivers.

For some Chinese motorists have taken it to new extremes to stop drivers from using their full-beam headlights – by sticking pictures of creepy children in their rear-view mirror.

The reflective transfers, many of which feature pale youngsters with dark, long hair and menacing expressions, only appear when the person behind employs their full beams.