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Jimmy Kimmel employed age-old Homophobic tactics Thursday night to attack Christian baker

August 18, 2018

Something Kimmel fails to grasp is the slippery slope that would come with giving the government the power to intimidate artists into creating art

#WALKAWAY: Could a Gay Hairdresser from New York City set off a mass exodus from the Democratic Party?

July 4, 2018

Could a gay hairdresser from New York City set off a mass exodus from the Democratic Party? A hashtag and a growing wave (not a blue one) of videos on YouTube and Facebook signal that the Democrats finally have gotten too crazy for at least some of their formerly faithful supporters. Celina Farber of the Epoch Times catalogues a growing wave of revolt against Democrats’ embrace of socialism and no borders and general insanity under the rubric of #Walkaway:

Gay Hairdresser starts #WALKAWAY movement from the Democratic Party – VIDEO

July 1, 2018

The #Walkaway movement that began with a popular Facebook video featuring a gay hairdresser in New York City explaining why he was leaving the Democratic Party has quickly morphed into a major force on social media and beyond.

Chelsea Manning slams Police for conducting ‘Welfare Check’ after suicidal Tweets

June 7, 2018

Moments after whistle-blower and Democratic senatorial candidate Chelsea Manning tweeted a picture of himself standing on a ledge of a building, appearing to attempt suicide, police broke into his apartment wielding firearms to perform a “welfare check.”