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May 31, 2013


Hillary Clinton: From Swag to Hag

May 31, 2013

Have Americans had enough yet of Hillary Clinton being placed on a phony pedestal as the political star who would beat any presidential candidate, were she only to agree to run? How is it that Mrs. Clinton continually polls as a most desirable and trustworthy leader? Just this past July, a Gallup poll found that Mrs. Clinton’s favorability rating was 66%, a full 12% higher than that of Barack Obama!

Obama’s EPA could be the next scandalous shoe to drop

May 31, 2013

With the continued Benghazi investigation, IRS political targeting and DOJ press surveillance, could a scandal at the EPA be the next shoe to droop for the Obama administration?

The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) been closely following the EPA’s misuse of private communication to conduct public business, and fees the agency has placed on conservative groups seeking information that they usual waive for media and watchdog groups. After successfully gaining access to former EPA Chief Lisa Jackson’s emails, CEI is now suing to gain access to the text messages of Gina McCarthy, the senior EPA official the President has nominated to now run the agency.

CEI’s Chris Horner joined “Wilkow” Thursday to discuss his organization’s request to access text messages sent by Jackson and McCarthy, and what they’re looking for.

“Where are these text messages? Are they really engaging in serial, coordinated, systematic document destruction in violation of criminal law?” he asked. “Because I have an affidavit in one of my lawsuits from NASA admitting that they are. OK, so this is not far-fetched, this is rather near-fetched.”

Horner noted that McCarthy is being promoted to an “enormous budget” and “enormous responsibility” and there are questions that need to be answered.

Jaden Smith and dad Will give bizarre interview

May 31, 2013

You’d think director M. Night Shyamalan would lay off the environmental fear mongering after audiences laughed his eco-thriller The Happening off the screen.
That film had star Mark Wahlberg on the run from a killer gust of wind. Really.
Shyamalan is at it again, albeit in less ludicrous fashion, via his latest project After Earth. The sci-fi film is set in the future, a time when our planet is no longer safe for humans. The film’s crowded prologue shows some of the reasons why, including war and those pesky smokestacks that pump out pollution into the once-pure sky.
It’s one of the laziest new movie tropes in the post apocalyptic genre. We’ve wrecked the Earth with our eco-ignorance, and now we’re paying the price. It’s a wonder WALL*E doesn’t roll by at some point singing songs from Hello, Dolly!
Later in the film, Shyamalan offers a less obvious nod to the climate change crowd. When the film’s heroes, played by Will Smith and his plucky son Jaden, crash land on this unfriendly Earth they face rapidly changing temperatures. Jaden Smith’s character must seek out “hot spots” on the planet in order to survive the sudden chills that happen at night.
It’s like climate change on a daily basis.
Shyamalan isn’t alone in inserting Al Gore-approved messages into his movies. But his alarming decline as a storyteller makes him less able to distract audiences rolling their eyes at more green preaching.

James Lipton A/K/A Fat J-Mac Daddy

May 31, 2013

James Lipton may have shocked many with his revelation of having worked in the promiscuous red-light district of Paris, but the host of “Inside the Actor’s Studio” isn’t shying away from it.

“I’m not ashamed of it,” he said in an interview Thursday on CBS This Morning.

Lipton, 86, recounted the story — one he’s highlighted in detail both on “Actor’s Studio” in 2008 and in his book “Inside, Inside,” and again in a recent Parade magazine interview — about his time as a “mec” in the 1950s, and the platonic relationship he had with a prostitute named Regine.

“She was my friend,” he said. “I was of help to her. And we had some amazing adventures.”

Jennifer Lopez has fight with Casper Smart over Pitbull’s rear leer

May 31, 2013

THERE’s trouble brewing between JENNIFER LOPEZ and her boy toy CASPER SMART!

Their 18-month rela­tionship hit a huge speed bump when Casper ac­cused his Latin lover of cheating on him with red-hot rapper Pitbull – and she didn’t deny it!

In fact, when the 26-year-old former back­up dancer grilled Jennifer about her relationship with the “Krazy” singer, a source says she just laughed at him.

Now Casper is so desperate to keep J.Lo’s affection that he’s started copy­ing Pitbull’s signature style, from his tailored suits to his shaved head.

“Casper is convinced Jennifer is fooling around with Pitbull behind his back and that he’s on the chopping block,” said a source. “He confronted her and demanded to know if she’s having an affair with Pitbull. Then he ordered her to cut ties with him. Jen was so taken aback that at first she just laughed in Casper’s face.

“But then she got really mad. She shot back at him, ‘Don’t you talk to me like that!’ and stormed off.

Jennifer Love Hewitt says her big round career enhancers could fight crime

May 31, 2013

I Know What You Did Last Summer actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, 34, revealed she had named her breasts after movie heroines.

She said: “Love my boobs, Thelma and Louise.

“I feel like my boobs could fight crime without me.”

Zuckerberg’s Facebook tool for Big Half Brother Obama

May 30, 2013

A St. Louis TV anchor claims everything was going along swimmingly until he asked President Obama about the First Family’s many vacations. After that, he says, things took a turn for the worse and not only is Larry Conners now a former anchor for KMOV in St. Louis, he’s also being harassed by the IRS.

Geniuses that represent the future of our country quick to sign off on IRS discrimination

May 30, 2013

On Thursday, the Centennial Institute released a video from Caleb Bonham, a conservative pundit, touring a local college campus and asking the students to sign a thank you card to the IRS for targeting tea party groups. Predictably, the geniuses that represent the future of our country were quick to sign off on IRS discrimination against conservatives.
“I think it’s a fake scandal and it makes sense to prosecute the 501(c)3s or whatever it is,” says one bike-riding, bearded, long-haired torch-bearer for American values. “I think this is pretty rad,” says another Phi Beta Kappa member. “I read about that, I thought it was pretty funny because the IRS is actually doing the right thing but the wrong thing at the same time, you know what I mean?” babbles one behatted female student.
“I love discrimination!” says one student. “Support Obama, target the tea party!” says another.
A huge number of student loans are subsidized by taxpayers.

Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are facing a prison sentence

May 30, 2013

Globally known Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are facing a prison sentence for tax evasion.

The fashion designers can be jailed for 2.5 years. They are accused of tax evasion in the amount of one billion euros. In March of this year Dolce and Gabbana were sentenced to a fine of 343 million euros, but they continue to insist on their innocence.

According to investigators, since 2004, when two companies – Dolce & Gabbana Luxemburg sarl and Gado sarl – were created in Luxembourg, the designers have been engaged in falsification of tax documents and financial statements. As a result, the Italian treasury did not receive about one billion euros.