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Obama shreds The Bill Of Rights

January 3, 2012

HR1540 – Section 1021 – lets Obama lock up American citizens

Obama signs NDAA for Indefinite Detention of citizens he deems a threat

January 2, 2012

Obama administration may throw dissenters into FEMA camps indefinitely

Big Brother Obama moves Orwell’s 1984 to 2012

January 2, 2012

Obama administration approves of American Gulags for Americans/
Democrats encouraging social unrest so they can declare Martial Law before the 2012 elections

Obama schemes for American detention camps концентрационный лагерь

December 27, 2011

Congress allows indefinite detention of Americans on American soil

Obama Gestapo stretching out it’s TSA tentacles

December 27, 2011

Obama administration approves of American Gulags for Americans

Total Martial Law possible thanks to amendments in NDAA Act

December 19, 2011

Leading GOP candidate Ron Paul has warned in recent interviews that the amendments passed in the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) are not only dangerous, but authorize the establishment of total martial law inside the United States. Not only does the bill, in sections 1031 and 1032, declare the unconstitutional right to detain Americans indefinitely without trial, but it authorizes an Internet offensive and online Pentagon takeover under the pretext of cybersecurity and stopping online piracy.

OWS Mom puts 4-year old daughter on railroad tracks

December 14, 2011

Occupy Wall Street mom puts her four year old daughter on railroad tracks

SMU-100 laser gun can blind a flash mob

December 13, 2011

Police forces across the UK may soon be equipped with laser guns for use against rioters during any future social unrest. The weapon can fire a laser at a distance of up to 500 meters, briefly blinding anyone caught in its path.

Brit-based rioters might want to think twice before they put their foot through another store window anytime soon, as police there are about to begin trialing a laser gun that leaves those in its path blind – albeit for a short time.

The SMU 100 laser weapon, which was originally designed for use against Somalian pirates, costs £25,000 ($40,000) and is capable of shooting a three-meter wide “wall of light” over a distance of up to 500 meters, causing anyone facing it to briefly lose their sight. If anyone has ever accidentally glanced directly at the sun, they can imagine what the effect might be like.

Adam Carolla rant exposes OWS protesters whining envy

December 1, 2011

Some people have a way of breaking down an issue, laying it out in its simplest, most rudimentary form. Comic and podcaster Adam Carolla did just that recently when he unleashed what many conservatives will hail an acerbic yet painfully accurate debunking of the Occupy movement and its self-ascribed motivations. The nearly ten minute long lampooning of America’s new “f–king self-entitled monsters“ who ”think the world owes them a living” is peppered with very strong language, still, Carolla’s observations are worth listening through to the end.

Dictator Obama lavishing tax dollars on Commie ACORN front groups

November 29, 2011

The Obama administration has showered its allies at ACORN Housing with $729,849 so far this year despite powerful, newly unveiled evidence of corruption and massive accounting irregularities at the longtime affiliate of ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now).

Watchdog group Cause of Action recently pressured NeighborWorks America, a taxpayer-funded federal nonprofit that funneled more than $26.5 million in federal foreclosure-avoidance money to ACORN Housing, to disclose an internal audit furnished to then-Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd, Connecticut Democrat, late last year.