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Homophobic host Joy Reid defends Obama’s crooked ACORN gang

February 19, 2018

Joy Reid: ACORN Driven Out of Business for Registering People of Color to Vote

SEIU Union not afraid to fight passive older Americans

September 3, 2012

_3 GREEN links below . SEIU workers sabotaged nursing homes,  endangered patients  | The Daily Caller . Did SEIU Strike-Related Sabotage Endanger  Nursing Homes  Residents In  Connecticut?  | RedState . Nursing home  operator wants  probe after union  workers stage  walkout,  alleged sabotage  | Fox News .

Video documents union intimidation and violence

March 27, 2012

The Workforce Fairness Institute has put together a video detailing why workers don’t want union bosses to have their personal information. The video encourages people to help “stop the NLRB pro-union blitz.”

Occupy Wall Street and SEIU ganging up on America

March 5, 2012

Breitbart.com has received exclusive tape of an Occupy Strategy Session at New York University, billed as a group talk on “The Abolition of Capitalism.” One of the headline speakers at this session was Stephen Lerner, former leader and International Board Member of the SEIU and frequent Obama White House visitor. Lerner argued in favor of people not paying their mortgages and “occupying” their homes; he spoke in favor of invading annual shareholders meetings to shut them down. But his big goal was to get workers to shut down their workplaces. That’s where the SEIU agenda and the Occupy agenda truly meet: once workers begin to occupy.

Adam Carolla rant exposes OWS protesters whining envy

December 1, 2011

Some people have a way of breaking down an issue, laying it out in its simplest, most rudimentary form. Comic and podcaster Adam Carolla did just that recently when he unleashed what many conservatives will hail an acerbic yet painfully accurate debunking of the Occupy movement and its self-ascribed motivations. The nearly ten minute long lampooning of America’s new “f–king self-entitled monsters“ who ”think the world owes them a living” is peppered with very strong language, still, Carolla’s observations are worth listening through to the end.

Dictator Obama lavishing tax dollars on Commie ACORN front groups

November 29, 2011

The Obama administration has showered its allies at ACORN Housing with $729,849 so far this year despite powerful, newly unveiled evidence of corruption and massive accounting irregularities at the longtime affiliate of ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now).

Watchdog group Cause of Action recently pressured NeighborWorks America, a taxpayer-funded federal nonprofit that funneled more than $26.5 million in federal foreclosure-avoidance money to ACORN Housing, to disclose an internal audit furnished to then-Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd, Connecticut Democrat, late last year.

Obama to OWS: “You are the reason I ran for office.”

November 23, 2011

Obama using Saul Alinsky ploys to create social unrest to cause Martial Law and suspend 2012 elections

The Red Menace: also known as Occupy Wall Street Cow Pies

November 18, 2011

Communist Menace wants Martial Law to suspend elections in 2012

Occupy Wall Street mobs harass wheel-chair bound woman

November 18, 2011

Democrats firing up Flash Mobs to be used to bring Martial Law to America to suspend 2012 elections

Occupy Wall Street Commies throwing temper tantrum November 17th

November 17, 2011

Communist Menace wants Martial Law to suspend elections in 2012