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Dance teacher Amanda Feenstra allegedly had sex with 9 female students (I think this teacher is being set up by BRATS)



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9 Responses to “Dance teacher Amanda Feenstra allegedly had sex with 9 female students (I think this teacher is being set up by BRATS)”

  1. you have no idea if the girl is even telling the truth….
    mrs. feenstra was my daughters dance teacher and a good one at that….
    she never made any inapropriate remarks or advances whats so ever…
    she worked very hard to make the dance team a success….
    i dont know all the facts and niether do you…
    seems someone can just say they were molested and it is belived…
    get the facts before you judge…
    maybe the girl has reasons to lie…..

    • Well said Cindy.

      The story sounds fishy because
      Mrs. Feenstra would have to be
      so out of control to mess with
      so many girls-
      that makes the story sound very odd.

      It very much sounds like they all got
      together for whatever reason to tell
      the same torrid tail-
      I would be much more inclined to
      believe it if it were one girl for
      some reason which would make more
      sense in a romance sort of way.

      This over the top behavior sounds
      like something a man might do but
      almost never a women.

      It sounds like a bunch of bratty
      girls who got caught doing something
      they should not have been doing and
      to smear their dance teacher en masse
      is a coverup and smoke screen of their
      own bad behavior.

      That is my feeling,
      I wish I knew how to prove it.

      Thank You for taking up for Mrs. Feenstra,
      the girl’s story sounds made up to put it mildly.


    • There’s nine girls talking in Humble tonight. Stay updated.
      They’re not all lying.. are they?

      • The story these girls
        are telling sounds fishy
        to me.
        The details sound like
        a badly scripted porn movie.


  2. Amanda is a wonderful teacher. She is so very talented, and it really stinks when allegations such as these hit the news. Most people have an *immediate* opinion, but it usually is not based on fact.
    This story breaking here, there, and everywhere, is the reason why there will never be justice either way, because it is over-reported day and night, night and day. No way there will be any jurors who could be impartial.
    For my 2 cents though, I stand in support of Amanda. I don’t know how else to say this, so I’m just going to say it: *IF* this really happened, I take it that this girl (17 or not) entered into this relationship of her own free will. And as soon as she was done with it, she couldn’t get away fast enough, and THAT’S when she decided to “alert” someone of this affair. She had her own mind and opinion and she didn’t have to do it!!

    • Great comments Lynn.

      This story sounds like a bunch of brats
      got mad at their dance teacher for whatever
      reason so they got together and concocted
      an elaborate story to get her in awful trouble
      and smear her reputation (and ruin her life).

      The story sounds super fishy because
      (1) of the sheer number of alleged victims
      (2) how even her husband was involved
      (3) people that know the teacher find it outrageous

      The alleged victims story is frankly ‘over the top’
      with lurid detail to put it mildly.

      Please everyone keep standing up for this teacher
      and keep reporting on this story until one of these
      brat ‘victims’ finally reveals the truth –
      that this vicious gang of mean girls conspired
      to ruin someone’s life.

      Even after this teacher is cleared of wrongdoing
      her life will still be tainted by these false allegations.

      Thank You Lynn for standing up for the true victims
      (the teacher and her husband)

      These child monsters are evil creatures
      who will someday be revealed for the
      disgusting liars they are and I can not
      wait to report the story.

      Thank You for the wise comments Lynn and
      Thank You for reading 22MOON.com.


      • I grew up with Amanda and was on
        the dance team with her in high school.

        We were close and never was there any
        awkwardness or happenings of this sort
        all the years I have known her
        (since first grade).

        If this is true I still support her
        because her parents were wealthy and
        I’m sure this “wolf caller” wanted to
        get her hands on the family money.

        I remember being 17 and I knew what
        I was doing when it involved “curricular activities”
        …. child molester???

        I don’t think so!
        That name calling is left for actual
        children who are forced and don’t have
        a mental or physical choice.

        This young lady was a young adult period!

        My prayers are with BOTH families!

      • Thank You for commenting on this story.

        This alleged ‘sex story’
        sounded fishy from the start.

        Thank You for sharing – and your
        words have the ring of truth in
        my opinion.

        I hope this teacher gets cleared in court.

        But where does she go to get her reputation back?

        The ‘sex’ story sounds like a lie spread
        by a bunch of Mean Girls to me.

        Prayers are in order for sure.


  3. Even though Amanda did have sex with the girl while she was married, I don’t think that case is considered rape. They were dating/having sex for a year,I am pretty sure if she felt uncomfortable after the first couple of instances she would have told.
    I think this case is just a relationship going sour, I think that the girl called it off with Amanda and Amanda was a bit attached so the girl told someone about what happened.
    Also to the people that said Amanda never tried nothing, of course she isn’t going to be attracted to every woman, I am pretty sure the student was her type hence the relationship.
    I am not saying that Amanda was right for what she did, because I heard that Amanda was a jealous/controlling gf when they were messing around and even hit the young girl a couple of times.

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