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Roger Stone fears he will be ‘Epsteined’ in jail

November 16, 2019

Trump hating actor Tom Arnold launched another bizarre Twitter outburst when he appeared to wish for Roger Stone’s death by suggesting the former Trump confidant would end up like Jeffrey Epstein.

Fired Ambassador Yovanovitch compares herself to The Benghazi Four – VIDEO

November 15, 2019

Yovanovitch made it through auditions in the basement star chamber and Democrats are hoping she can revive their failed narrative that President Trump committed quid-pro-quo, extortion, bribery in his July phone call with the Ukrainian president.

President Trump – “I Caught the Swamp. I Caught Them All. Let’s See What Happens!”

November 9, 2019

“I Caught the Swamp. I Caught Them All. Let’s See What Happens!” – President Trump Drops a Bombshell and Communications Director Dan Scavino Teases Major Development

The Anonymous Coup

November 9, 2019

The president does not need to be accused of violating a specific law; evidence is whatever the House of Representatives wants it to be. The credibility of any witness, especially one wearing the uniform of the United States military, cannot be questioned. Ditto for the motives of any witness. Hearsay is Exhibit A; New York Times articles, Exhibit B.

Coup d’état to impeach Trump is falling apart

November 8, 2019

“Why are Leftists so unreachable by reason? You can point out holes in their arguments but they are unmoved. And some of their claims are entirely out of touch with reality.”

IG report delayed, reasons will devastate Deep State

November 7, 2019

According to Joe DiGenova and Victoria Toensing, whose sources on the ongoing scandal have been excellent, the reasons behind the delay are entirely positive

‘Whistleblower’ Attorney Mark Zaid called for a coup in 2017

November 7, 2019

President Donald Trump kicked off his political rally in Lousiana on Wednesday by reading off tweets declaring a “coup” against the president in January 2017.

Joe Biden’s 5 stages of corruption denial

November 6, 2019

It never happened, honest to God.
Alright, it happened, but it wasn’t me.
It kinda was me, but it wasn’t illegal.
IIlegal or not, everybody does it.
I won’t do it again, honest to God.

PRAVDA: Joe Biden should be investigated in Ukraine with his participation in the coup of 2014

November 4, 2019

The case of Joe Biden should be investigated in Ukraine not only in connection with his corruption at Burisma Group, but also in connection with his participation in the coup of 2014

Adam ‘Shifty’ Schiff shielding shadowy ‘Whistleblower’ from testifying

November 2, 2019

All this bluster conceals what should be genuine anxiety over the apparent violations of law and felony jeopardy. Thirty-three-year-old Yale and Harvard alumni with beards don’t tend to do well in prison. I wonder how such a person might react if offered a plea deal contingent on naming names of those who facilitated or even suggested felonious behavior?