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How Oprah Winfrey and Black Lives Matter are colluding in a plot to perpetrate a social injustice

October 12, 2020

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BLM Leader Shaun King Threatens to Name Innocent Cops Who Arrested Kenosha Shooter So They Can Be Hunted Down

August 27, 2020

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Oprah Coaches White People on How to Navigate ‘Unconscious’ Racism

August 5, 2020

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Talcum X Shaun King: Tear Down ‘White Supremacy’ Statues of Jesus

June 24, 2020

Left-wing activist Shaun King tweeted Monday all statues of Jesus that portray him as a “white European” should be torn down because they are “a form of white supremacy.”

Hollywood takes a knee before Black Lives Matter

June 14, 2020

As police officers groveled to black people, some even getting on their hands and knees and washing feet, celebrities joined the movement in their own unique and quirky ways.

Actress Rose McGowan: Democrats and the Media are a “Cult”

April 30, 2020

Actress and #MeToo activist Rose McGowan called the Democrats and the media a “cult” and said “this is deeper than a cover-up,” likely alluding to a majority of the elite press and those Democrat lawmakers who’ve ignored or rebuked allegations made by Tara Reade, the former Senate staffer who claims Joe Biden sexually assaulted her nearly three decades ago.

Rutgers Professor Blames Trump for Black Women Being Obese

October 21, 2019

The moderator and the audience all enthusiastically accept the theory that white people in general and President Trump in particular are what make a disproportionate number of black women obese.

Rihanna to honor Shaun ‘Talcum X’ King – slammed on social media

August 22, 2019

Pop megastar Rihanna is feeling the heat as her decision to honor leftist Shaun King at her annual Diamond Ball is being met with swift backlash on social media, including criticism over the way the controversial social justice activist threatened to sue a fellow activist earlier this year.

Left-Wing (and the Right) Attack Teens to earn Virtue Points

January 21, 2019

The Left has been working itself up into paroxysms of self-righteousness over the story about a bunch of Catholic kids in MAGA hats allegedly mocking a Native American at a rally in Washington, DC.

Life in prison? Harvey Weinstein charged with sex crime against third woman

July 3, 2018

Harvey Weinstein was charged with a sex crime by a third woman who claims the Hollywood mogul performed a forcible sex act on her in 2006