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Talcum X Shaun King: Tear Down ‘White Supremacy’ Statues of Jesus

June 24, 2020

Left-wing activist Shaun King tweeted Monday all statues of Jesus that portray him as a “white European” should be torn down because they are “a form of white supremacy.”

Black Lives Matter laundering money for the Democrat Party

June 13, 2020

Last night, conservative firebrand Candace Owens shared an interesting discovery about Black Lives Matter and their ties to the Democrat Party. Owens has been highly critical of Democrats and the BLM movement to martyr black criminals who are killed by cops while they ignore the massive number of law-abiding black citizens who are killed by blacks in their own communities.

Anger At Democrats For Kneeling In African Garb

June 10, 2020

Black social media users hit out at Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic lawmakers Monday for again turning the death of George Floyd into a PR stunt.

Candace Owens in Firestorm for not ‘supporting’ George Floyd – VIDEO

June 6, 2020

Owens’s criticism of what she termed the “martyr” status accorded to Floyd is the first high-profile commentary of its kind to hit the mainstream since the death of the 46-year-old African-American man on May 25 while he has being subdued by Minneapolis police after his arrest for an alleged non-violent crime. Her video is titled “Confession: #GeorgeFloyd is neither a martyr or a hero. But I hope his family gets justice.” In the video itself (most easily accessible on YouTube), apparently shot on a cell phone, Owens made it clear that “[w]hat I am saying is not any defense for [Floyd’s accused murderer] Derek Chauvin. The family of George Floyd deserves justice for the way that he died.” She added, however, that “I also am not going to accept the narrative that this is the best the black community has to offer.”

Candace Owens blasts Biden and Democratic Party for racist comments

May 24, 2020

Conservative commentator Candace Owens just spoke out to blast presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and the Democratic Party as a whole after he made racist comments about black voters.

Six Times A Charlamagne Tha God Interview Upended a Democrat – VIDEO

May 24, 2020

For Democratic politicians holding presidential aspirations, an interview with radio host Charlamagne Tha God has become an obligatory rite of passage on the long road to the White House. But sometimes even friendly interviews can go horribly wrong.

Rose McGowan – ‘Tara Reade is Telling the Truth’ – VIDEO

April 30, 2020

“It shattered my life and changed the trajectory of my whole career and life,” Reade, a liberal Democrat, told Democracy Now! “I lost my job after I complained, and I was fired.”

Children Suffering From Nightmares, Eating Issues Over Climate Change Fears

March 5, 2020

A new study on “climate anxiety” found that famed child activist Greta Thunberg is not the only young person who has suffered from severe stress as a result of taking dire predictions about the planet by climate alarmists to heart.

The rush to declare Trump-supporters as deranged Cultists is the Cultlike activity

December 5, 2019

There has been an outbreak of cult-watchers among Democrats, as they all parrot the same talking points that President Donald Trump’s supporters are part of a cult and that he is a cult leader.

‘Fan Girl’ Meghan Markle invited Hillary Clinton over for …

November 18, 2019

Meghan Markle is using those royal connections she married into, now to the hilt, for politics.

Far from being the aloof royal family member she said she’d be when she married Prince Harry last year, she’s diving in.