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Oprah Coaches White People on How to Navigate ‘Unconscious’ Racism

August 5, 2020

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“Palestinian” Representative Tlaib Claims She Is “African-American”

July 2, 2020

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Fake Noose Nation

June 25, 2020

Three weeks ago, when I first documented troubling questions, contradictions and doubts about Trump-hating, attention-craving actor Jussie Smollett’s absurd hate crime claims, few in the “professional” journalism herd paid heed. Now, with a grand jury investigation on the horizon, everyone’s a Johnny-come-lately debunker.

Talcum X Shaun King: Tear Down ‘White Supremacy’ Statues of Jesus

June 24, 2020

Left-wing activist Shaun King tweeted Monday all statues of Jesus that portray him as a “white European” should be torn down because they are “a form of white supremacy.”

Founder of Black Music Awards claims Racism is keeping Black People from succeeding in the Music Industry

June 20, 2020

The founder of MOBO, an organization that gives out awards exclusively to black artists, is demanding the UK government address “racism” in the music industry, claiming that black people are being held back.

Black People now possess the Heckler’s Veto

June 15, 2020

I’ve seen what happens when Americans care too much about black people’s feelings. It’s happening right now before your horrified eyes.

More Damned Lies About ‘Systemic’ Racism in America

June 8, 2020

The Left now is using the adjective “systemic” as tied to the noun “racism” in the same way that we all tie the adjective “honorable” to the noun “judge” — the honorable judge, even if a judge is not honorable. Or the “learned professor” even if the professor is an ignoramus. Or the “good doctor” even when the doctor is bad. We just say it. And now they are tying “systemic” to “racism.” It is a lie.

Should Joe Biden pick Stacy Abrams for VP to prove he’s not racist?

May 26, 2020

Abrams, taking a page from the Hilary Clinton “I got robbed” playbook, continues to promulgate the narcissistic folly that she is actually the governor of the Peach State.

Rutgers University Professor Blames Trump Supporters for Wuhan Virus Deaths

May 5, 2020

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Joy Reid: Shutdown Protests Are ‘Paid For By Activists For The Super-Rich’ – VIDEO

April 19, 2020

On a recent episode of her MSNBC program, Joy Reid made accusations of racism, and even said the protests are being paid for