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John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum trailer – Who Let The Dogs Out!

March 22, 2019

John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum trailer introduces attack dogs and Keanu Reeves’ impressive knife skills fighting ninjas

Halle Berry saucy snapshots – Part TWO of TWO

March 2, 2018

Silver-screen goddess! Halle Berry wows in metallic strapless mini-dress at Icon Mann Pre-Oscar Dinner

Halle Berry saucy snapshots – Part ONE of TWO

March 1, 2018

Silver-screen goddess! Halle Berry wows in metallic strapless mini-dress at Icon Mann Pre-Oscar Dinner

Kingsman: The Golden Circle – Movie trailer VIDEO

April 28, 2017

Twentieth Century Fox has debuted the first trailer for its upcoming spy actioner Kingsman: The Golden Circle

‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ trailer – VIDEO

March 17, 2016

The new X-Men: Apocalypse trailer has debuted with plenty of destruction as the mutants battle to save humanity from destruction.

Jennifer Lawrence returns as Mystique in the action-packed trailer, along with costars James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender as the mutants are divided as the forces of good and evil do battle.

The new clip also shows Olivia Munn’s Psylocke and Oscar Isaac’s evil Apocalypse enlisting a disillusioned Magneto to help wipe Earth free of ‘the weak.’

‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ – first trailer

December 20, 2015

The first trailer for X-Men Apocalypse was released online last week, courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox.

The new film reunites X-Men: First Class and Days of Future Past alumni Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique), Michael Fassbender (Magneto), James McAvoy (Prof. Xavier), and Nicholas Hoult (Beast). Oscar Isaac (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, A Most Violent Year) stars as the villainous Apocalypse, and a bevy of new faces join the ranks for this outing.

Bryan Singer returns to direct off of a script from longtime collaborator Simon Kinberg.

X-Men: Apocalypse is in theaters May 27, 2016.

Halle Berry getting no R-E-S-P-E-C-T

September 9, 2015

“When Halle heard Jennifer is on the inside track for the role, she called Aretha to read her the riot act,” said the source. “Aretha wouldn’t take Halle’s calls! She had someone reply, saying casting Jennifer is just a sound business decision.”

Halle – who nabbed a Best Actress Oscar for “Monster’s Ball” and portrayed singer Dorothy Dandridge in an HBO movie – welcomed Aretha into her home and counted her as a trusted friend, revealed the source.

“Halle feels duped. It’s not her fault producers and Aretha dragged their feet for years!” the source added.

The setback is the latest to befall Halle. As The ENQUIRER recently revealed, Halle hasn’t been wearing her wedding ring, and she and third husband, French actor Olivier Martinez, are living separate lives and facing a $100 million divorce.

“Halle feels like nothing’s working right for her, professionally or personally.

“Halle is holding a massive grudge. She says she’ll never speak to Aretha again!”

But Aretha told The ENQUIRER there’s no truth to bad blood between the two, adding: “Halle and I appreciate each other. She was just on the front row of my Los Angeles concert at the Microsoft Theater.”

Celebrity ghost stories

October 25, 2014

The creepiest celebrity ghost stories

Téa Leoni giving reformed horndog David Duchovny another chance

July 15, 2014

DAVID DUCHOVNY’s wild “CALIFORNICATION” nights over as he reunites with wife TEA LEONI!

After splitting twice, “The X Files” hunk David Duchovny and estranged wife Téa Leoni are getting back together – again!

Sources tell The National ENQUIRER that the two are working hard to mend their shattered marriage – and they recently shared a romantic beach day in Malibu. “David and Téa have talked about divorce forever, but they never got around to filing papers,” said a friend.

“Now they’re enjoying each other’s company so much that they’ve abandoned the idea of divorce, and their kids couldn’t be happier.”

The couple wed in May 1997, and the “Deep Impact” actress gave birth to their daughter, Madelaine, in April 1999. Their son, Kyd, was born in June 2002.

But their happiness was shattered in August 2008 when David announced that he’d checked himself into a rehab facility for sex addiction.

At the time, the couple said they had already been separated for months.

David, 53, and Téa, 48, managed to iron out their differences, but split up again in 2011. A year later the actor announced they were still married, but separated.

But recently the two have shared intimate dinners and lots of one-on-one time, revealed the source. “The sex addiction period was really difficult,” added the friend. “Most other Hollywood couples would have called it a day and brought in the divorce lawyers, but not David and Téa.

Top 10 sexiest Actresses – HALLE BERRY – Part ONE of TEN

January 6, 2014

There is no denying that Hollywood is the mecca for all things beautiful. Both on and off the screen, these gorgeous stars captivate us with their knock-out bodies, impeccable style and, of course, incredible talent. Sexy Hollywood men aside, here we narrow it down to just the ladies, so many of whom make our jaws drop on a regular basis. From our televisions, with beloved, glam television dramas like Gossip Girl, to the big screens, with films like the dark, sensual thriller Black Swan, these beauties rock our worlds in whatever roles they take on. Year after year, new sexy actresses grace the big screen and steal our hearts away, making it no easy feat to choose just 10 gorgeous ladies for the list. In the end, though, there is no doubt that these 10 really do blow the rest out of the water as the top 10 sexiest actresses.