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Chelsea Handler tweets naked photo in free publicity ploy

November 6, 2018

Leftist Chelsea Handler Takes Off Her Clothes for Liberal Votes – Tom Joyce – lifezette.com

Chelsea Handler milking White Guilt to revive her sagging career

October 22, 2018

Far-left comedienne Chelsea Handler said her supposed white privilege makes her feel “very gross” about herself, adding that her skin color and Jewish heritage has played an instrumental role in her success.

Chelsea Handler is still a Homophobe

April 7, 2018

Comedian and former Netflix host Chelsea Handler launched a seemingly unprovoked attack on Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Twitter Friday afternoon, posting a vulgar gay slur

‘Feminist’ Chelsea Handler made series of lewd remarks about Sarah Huckabee Sanders

December 5, 2017

Left-wing comedian Chelsea Handler made a series of lewd remarks about White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders during the latest episode of her recently canceled Netflix series Chelsea.

Chelsea Handler saves fortune by hiring ‘Snarky Remark’ writers instead of pricy ‘Comedy’ writers

May 9, 2017

Man, Chelsea Handler desperately needs some new material. She’s like a really boring and hateful broken record that just keeps on skipping back to a mountain of not funny and stupid.

Chelsea ‘No Man Wants To’ Handler displays Left Wing typical tolerance

March 21, 2017

Donald Trump Jr lashed out at Chelsea Handler and the ‘liberal elite’s hatred’ after she sarcastically tweeted that the news of Eric Trump and his wife’s pregnancy is ‘just what we need’.

On Monday, Eric and wife Lara announced that they are pregnant with their first child, prompting Handler to tweet: ‘I guess one of @realDonaldTrump’s sons is expecting a new baby. Just what we need. Another person with those jeans. Let’s hope for a girl.’

Within hours Don Jr slammed her for the harsh words, criticizing her for being a member of the ‘elite left,’ and also making fun of her using the wrong form of ‘jeans’.

He further criticized the left for what he refers to as ‘part of tolerance nonsense,’ saying that liberals are only tolerance if you buy into their ‘whole dogma’.

Chelsea Handler exposes Jennifer Anniston flaunting her erect nipples on TV

October 16, 2012

____GREEN link below . -__Jennifer Aniston left  ____red-faced as close  __friend Chelsea Handler  __-calls her out on TV for  ___showing her nipples  _____| Mail Online .

Jennifer Love Hewitt told Chelsea Handler her breasts nightmare

May 5, 2012

______GREEN link below . Jennifer Love Hewitt had nightmare that her breasts deflated | Mail Online .

Chelsea Handler slams Angelina Jolie

April 23, 2012

She hit out at Angelina Jolie at the end of 2010, branding her a ‘homewrecker’.

And now, Chelsea Handler has proven she still holds a grudge against the actress by slamming her yet again.

The comedienne lashed out when asked during an interview who she thinks would be the opposite of a girls’ girl.