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Klatsch of the Klueless Kommandant Karen Koven killing freedom

May 19, 2020

What was Speaker Karen Pelosi’s Women in White thingy at the State of the Union but a Kaffee Klatsch of Karens? As you know, all self-respecting American fraternal lodges have uniforms and regalia, just as the old orders of knighthood had stars and sashes. (Okay, the present knightly orders have stars and sashes too, and much more besides).

“Everything about the Schiff-show is falling apart” – VIDEO

May 19, 2020

Fox News contributor John Solomon and Rep. Lee Zeldin discussed on Fox News how Documents show Marie Yovanovitch’s impeachment testimony

Why AG Barr is right about not criminally prosecuting Obama

May 19, 2020

If there were a trial, it would go on for years, and that wouldn’t even include all the appeals. No matter how it concluded, whether it were an acquittal, a partial conviction, a hung jury, or a jury nullification, it would still be argued for decades. Either way, Obama would be a hero to millions throughout the world, and he could go on another anti-American world tour as a victim of an unfair justice system. The ones who actually did the crimes at his direction would be brushed aside in the frenzy and even forgotten.

Forget About Seeing Any Justice For Obamagate

May 19, 2020

We have two justice systems – one for them and one for us – meaning we have no justice system at all

“I Have The Power!” – Trans Twitch Moderator threatens to censor critics

May 19, 2020

A transgender Twitch “Safety Advisory Council” member who identifies as a deer (yes, really) bragged on a live stream about having the “power” to censor critics, asserting, “some people should be afraid of me.”

Pregnant Vogue Williams looks serene as she leaves radio studios – Part TWO of THREE

May 19, 2020

Pregnant Vogue Williams looks serene as she leaves radio studios in a summery floral dress proudly showing off her blossoming baby bump