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House N-Word Snoop Dogg Declares Black Conservatives ‘The Coon Bunch’

July 6, 2020

Snoop Dogg has a history of using obscenities and slurs on social media toward the president and his supporters

The War for Free Speech Is Here

June 30, 2020

While most of us were busy surviving pandemic-fueled civil confinement and Democratic Party–led riots in the street, the shots over Fort Sumter were fired, and the war for freedom of speech began in earnest.

Cancel Culture Cult exposed – Mark Dice VIDEO

June 26, 2020

Remove term: NOT FUNNY! – Mark Dice VIDEO NOT FUNNY! – Mark Dice VIDEO

Al Sharpton hijacks George Floyd funeral to help Colin Kaepernick’s income stream

June 10, 2020

‘Give Colin Kaepernick a job back,’ Al Sharpton orders NFL chief during George Floyd’s funeral

The Cool Kids have decided that wearing a mask is Cool

May 30, 2020

The Wuhan Virus is the perfect opportunity to create a society that is rooted in fear – dehumanization and widespread distrust of the “other

Joe Biden’s 10 Other Acts of Racism

May 23, 2020

Joe Biden committed yet another bizarre outburst of virulent racism on Friday morning when he told black America that if they don’t vote for him in November “then you ain’t black.”

“Everything about the Schiff-show is falling apart” – VIDEO

May 19, 2020

Fox News contributor John Solomon and Rep. Lee Zeldin discussed on Fox News how Documents show Marie Yovanovitch’s impeachment testimony

Was Obama systematically spying on almost everyone?

May 17, 2020

Barack Obama was always thinking about the long game. After all, he announced right before his election that he would “fundamentally transform” America. A good insurance policy for ensuring that legacy was to track the opposition and remove — or prepare to remove — anyone who looked like a risk. Once Obama was in his second term, the administration was in a position to consolidate power for a permanent Democrat government class.

Obama Officials Who May Have ‘Unmasked’ Michael Flynn Includes Joe Biden

May 14, 2020

Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell responded to a congressional request Wednesday by submitting a declassified list of Obama administration officials who had requested names be “unmasked” from Nov. 8, 2016 to Jan. 31, 2017.

President Trump: I Hope You Had Fun Investigating Me – Now It’s My Turn

May 12, 2020

Yesterday President Trump went on a tweetstorm about the failed effort to thwart his candidacy and then presidency, branding the scandal “Obamagate.”