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Report: LGBTQ Parents suffer ‘Homophobic’ abuse from Children during lockdown

May 3, 2020

LGBT parents are suffering from “homophobic” and “transphobic” abuse from their children as families remain on lockdown amid the global pandemic

Reuters debunks The People’s Cube spoof story

May 3, 2020

Congratulations to Comrade Chedoh – today his story about Gov. Whitmer was debunked by Reuters.

I especially like that they listed his full credentials – “Chedoh, Kommissar of Viral Infections, Hero of Change, Prophet of the Future Truth”.

COVID-1984 – the Rise of Groupthink

May 3, 2020

The reality is that most of us are not so independent-minded and courageous; rather, we are easily influenced by groupthink. Made famous by George Orwell in his novel 1984, groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people in which the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an irrational and dysfunctional decision-making outcome.

Bill Gates pushing global vaccine – VIDEOS

May 3, 2020

Footage in this compilation was taken from several recent interviews where Bill Gates laughs, snickers and giggles when he mentions vaccines, testing and mass pandemics.- VIDEO