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Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston cougars erotic photo gallery!

Friends co-stars
Jennifer Aniston and
Courteney Cox are
embracing their 40s
head-on –
by taking on roles as
middle-aged women who
prey on younger men,
WENN reports July 31st.
Aniston, 40,
has signed on to upcoming
romantic comedy Pumas,
about two thirty-something
women who regularly chase
after youthful beaus.
And her best pal Cox
will also be tackling similar
subject matter –
she has begun filming
new TV series Cougar Town,
in which she plays a single
mother exploring the dating
scene after a divorce.
A shooting date for Pumas
has not yet been set,
while Cougar Town is
scheduled to debut on US
TV later this year.


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    I just wanted you to know that.

  3. Love courtney cox great body very sexy HOT cant get enough of her!

  4. I still view friends shows. Two wonderfully talented actresses, nice people. Looking to the upcoming ‘Friends’ reunion. Am happy and thankful for the joy everyone in Friends have brought into my families lives…. Crossing generation lines.
    This combined with them remaining friends, delighted for them.
    Beautiful people, a Netflix favorite in my home. Thank you all.

  5. I personally find it so sad that so many are willing to give up their morals,values,ethics,integrity,and self respect for money and fame.So many of these so called super stars go to therapy on a daily basis because of self esteem issues.And we look at them being great for what?

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