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A Rolling Stone gathers Ho posse of nubile nymphs!

July 18, 2008

            (A Rash Manly 22Moon headline!)                     FIVE MORE stories on this              torrid tale in past pages of 22Moon! . THE Russian temptress who left rock legend  Ronnie Wood’s marriage in tatters told  The Sun last night:  […]

Amy Winehouse name now changed to AMY WHINEHOUSE!

July 2, 2008

(A famous Rash Manly headline!) A MESSAGE to AMY WINEHOUSE. (From The U.K. Sun May 2nd)   Zip it, button it, I’ve got a whole bag of “SHH” in Bizarre HQ for you — please just give us all a Blake! Everybody at Glasto, punters hiding behind the sofa as she made a fool of […]

Hundreds of UFO’s sighted over Wales June 21st!

June 22, 2008

HUNDREDS of UFO sightings over Wales were reported yesterday after a mystery craft threatened a police helicopter, John Coles is reporting for The U.K. Sun June 21st. – The Sun was bombarded with calls from readers who also saw the UFO on the SAME night as the chopper drama in Cardiff. And the mystery deepened as experts […]

Cult cannibal clan captured, but more monsters still at large.

June 20, 2008

MONSTER BARBORA SKRLOVA A BOY of seven was kept chained in a cellar by his cannibal family — as they ATE parts of him, Neil Syson reports June 20th for The U.K. Sun. Sobbing Ondrej Mauer was rescued alive when a neighbour’s TV picked up footage from a camera filming his agony. _ He had […]

Hot dating tips for fashionable females!

June 11, 2008

WE all want to make a good impression on a first date. But apparently there are certain types of behaviour that are guaranteed to put men off, The U.K. Sun tells us June 2nd. The top three biggest first date turn-offs for men are girls drinking pints of Guinness, talking about ex-boyfriends and sending texts […]

Maxi Mounds shows off her world’s largest breasts!

June 6, 2008

       (Click the headline to make the photos appear) A CONTROVERSIAL boob op which gave model Maxi Mounds world record breaking breasts has been banned – over safety fears, Vince Soodin reports for The U.K. Sun June 4th.   Busty Maxi hit the record books after having the surgery which encouraged her breasts […]

Beloved U.K. radio DJ Kevin Greening dies tragic death on eve of his 45th birthday

June 4, 2008

  RADIO DJ Kevin Greening was wrapped in clingfilm when he died after a 24-hour orgy of drugs and gay bondage sex, his boyfriend told an inquest yesterday, James Clothier reports for the U.K. Sun June 3rd. Greening, 44, was dressed in a rubber suit and leather hood and suspended from a scaffold for a […]

Tina Fey voted Top Lesbian Icon!

June 4, 2008

(Click headline to make photos appear)   SMOOCHING another man in Brokeback Mountain and getting his kit off in Jarhead has catapulted JAKE GYLLENHAAL to the No.1 spot in a gay icon poll, Nadia Mendoza reports June 3rd for The U.K. Sun. The buff Donnie Darko actor, who starred opposite the late HEATH LEDGER in the cowboy […]

U.K. dentist drills while girlfriend thrills

May 29, 2008

A DENTIST drills teeth — while his girlfriend thrills men with sex shows upstairs, Alex West reports for The U.K. Sun may 29th. The blonde called Tiny charges £100 an hour for her exhibitions. She strips to saucy underwear and then writhes on a bed pleasuring herself in front of punters. Tiny claims she will […]

Spice Girls Mel B behaving but not in these hot sexy photos!

May 27, 2008

(A typical witty waggish Rash Manly headline!)   NO – you haven’t seen these photos of MEL B before, proclaims the U.K. Sun May 26th.   But if you’re getting a sense of déjà-vu it’s because there have been plenty like them in recent months. In fact so often have I seen the former SPICE GIRLwearing […]