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Portland Rioters threw paint on an elderly woman – VIDEO

August 8, 2020

. . . . .

BLM/Antifa Riots – An Adolescent Tragedy in Motion – VIDEO

August 6, 2020

Remove term: Where self-righteousness – obscenity and ignorant zeal merge Where self-righteousness – obscenity and ignorant zeal merge

Newly Released George Floyd Body Cam Footage Should Make Keith Ellison Nervous

August 6, 2020

Those of us that care about actual justice can only view the newly leaked arrest video of George Floyd in one way: damning to the media narrative.

The real ‘Demon Doll’ that inspired Chucky – VIDEO

August 1, 2020

WITH his wide blue eyes and evil smile, demonic doll Chucky has been terrifying horror fans since the first Child’s Play movie was released in 1988.

Amazingly, the killer doll – who returns to the big screen on June 21 in a reboot of the original film – was inspired by the story of a real “voodoo” doll that traumatised a Florida family over 100 years ago.

Attorney General Bill Barr Scorches Democrats

July 31, 2020

Congressional Dems get exposed on their treacherous enabling of orgies of violence

Tick, Tick, Boom, Boom, Time’s Up, Obama Goons?

July 30, 2020

Remember, remember!
This third of November,
The Democrats’ Russian collusion plot;
I know of no reason
Why the Democrats’ treason should ever be forgot!

Trump laying traps for the perverted Deep State – X-22 Report VIDEO

July 30, 2020

Democrats will peddle fear until the election and beyond

Antifa Guy MOCKED After Grandma Allegedly Writes Review Exposing Him

July 30, 2020

The ANTIFA terrorist was spotted wearing a rioter gear vest and speaking with naked protesters in the streets of Portland.

Self-Proclaimed Antifa Perverts Join The Riots In Portland – VIDEO

July 28, 2020

The self-proclaimed Antifa perverts joined the protests