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A Rolling Stone gathers Ho posse of nubile nymphs!

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THE Russian temptress who left rock legend 

Ronnie Wood’s marriage in tatters told 

The Sun last night: 

“I love him.”

Richard White and Alex Peake report 

for The U.K. Sun July 17th.





Speaking for the first time since we revealed 

her affair with the alcoholic Rolling Stone, 

Ekaterina Ivanova, 20, vowed never to betray him.

But she stopped short of committing herself to a future with the ageing star.

Pretty Ekaterina spoke as it emerged that 61-year-old Ronnie secretly dated art student Caroline Gorick, 26 —

 from the gallery where he goes to paint nudes.



Ekaterina has been living in a shabby flat since flying home from the love nest she shared with Ronnie in County Kildare, Ireland.

He has answered pleas from his friends and family to enter a rehabilitation centre in the UK. 

And pals say he is hoping to save his 23-year marriage after devastated wife Jo, 53, said it was over.

But we can reveal the drink-ravaged guitarist is STILL talking to Ekaterina while in rehab.

The cocktail waitress — who met Ronnie in a seedy escort bar in April — said last night: 

“I will never betray him. 

As long as there is a chance of happiness for me and Ronnie I have nothing to say.”



Confirming the pair are still in touch, she added: 

“I need to speak to Ronnie. My life’s been turned upside down by all this.

“My mum’s health has suffered and I just want all of this to go away. 

I love him and I’m standing by him.”

Despite her affair with the millionaire dad of four, 

Ekaterina has been sleeping in a bunk bed at a chum’s rented top-floor flat in Kentish Town, North London.



She has surrounded herself with close pals but was seen by The Sun smoking at the window beside a male friend acting as her chaperone. 

At one point she gazed forlornly into space as if pondering her romance with Ronnie.

Ekaterina has remained almost entirely in the flat as she waits for the rock lothario to call — 

emerging only briefly to buy cans of lager, a kebab, Coca-Cola and cigarettes.

Our world exclusive revelations that Ronnie had left Jo to go on a three-week bender in Ireland shook the music world.

He was begged by his Stones bandmates to come home and get help,

but had refused until he read The Sun’s front page.



A pal said at the time: 

“It was the shock that knocked some sense into Ronnie.

“This relationship was based on nothing but vodka.

Once his hangover has gone he’ll realise that.”

But a pal of Ekaterina, who posed as a model for keen painter Ronnie, 

last night said she was deeply in love and was waiting to start a new life with him.

The friend said: 

“Ekaterina has strong feelings for Ronnie, but realises he has deep problems.

“She hopes that when he beats his demons they’ll continue where they left off.”

Ronnie’s wife was staying with family last night.

His agent declined to comment.

The star hooked up with student Caroline after meeting her at London’s Royal Academy of Art a month ago.

He bought one of her paintings for £5,000 then spent an evening with her after inviting her for dinner.

A friend said: 

“Ronnie flirts with all the young female students.

He and Caroline hit it off straight away.

He took her to dinner to toast her success.”

Caroline last night refused to discuss their date.


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