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Cult cannibal clan captured, but more monsters still at large.

A BOY of seven was kept chained in a cellar
by his cannibal family —
as they ATE parts of him,
Neil Syson reports June 20th for The U.K. Sun.

Sobbing Ondrej Mauer was rescued alive

when a neighbour’s TV picked up footage

from a camera filming his agony.


He had been partially skinned

after monstrous mum Klara, 31,

caged him for months while relatives

who were also in a sick cult feasted

on his raw flesh,

an appalled judge heard yesterday.


The mum wept in a Czech court

as her evil was exposed in a case

echoing the Fritzl dungeon horror in Austria.

Ondrej and his helpless brother Jakub, nine,

were kept in cages or handcuffed to tables

as they were rituallyTORTURED, BURNT 

and WHIPPED with belts.

Their life of hell only ended when a

neighbour in the city of Brno bought

a CCTV baby monitor.

Instead of pictures of his newborn

he was confronted by live images

of Ondrej naked in the cellar —

beaten and chained.


Cops swooped on the house next door

and also freed a girl posing as an

adopted sister aged 13 and clutching a teddy.

She later turned out to be 34 —

and one of the torturers.

The boys’ mum accused the woman —

fellow cult member Barbora Skrlova —

of brainwashing her.


She wailed:

“Terrible things have happened.

I realise it and can’t understand

how I could have allowed it.”


The court in her home city heard the

abuse of her children was co-ordinated

via text messages sent by a leader

of the Grail Movement cult —

who was known only as the “Doctor”.

Her sister Katerina was also involved.

The abuse trial of the boys’ mum,

another relative and their bogus sister Skrlova —

who fled and was later found posing as a boy in Norway —


Three others also face charges.


            KLARA MAUEROVA (31)


           KLARA MAUEROVA (31)


            KATERINA MAUEROVA (34)           


           BARBORA SKRLOVA (33)           


           HANA BASOVA  alias Teta Nenci (28 )


           JAN TUREK (31)


(Family photo)



THE secretive sect at the centre of the Czech
cannibal case of the little boy eaten by his
family boasts 10,000 followers worldwide –
including hundreds in Britain,
The U.K. Sun reports.


The Grail Movement was founded in the

1940s to follow the teachings of German

Oskar Ernst Bernhardt,

also known as Abd-ru-shin.

He wrote the Grail Message –

telling how good deeds on Earth

will be rewarded in Heaven.


(Photo of the Grail Movement cult headquarters)





39 Responses to “Cult cannibal clan captured, but more monsters still at large.”

  1. This is the most horrible thing which happened in our country for all I can remember-no sorrow or grief can be great enough,still I am trully sorry for the two tortured boys. Reading all the news was painfull for every human with bit of empathy…But I must warn you,there are some missinformations here.The photo above article is portait of Barbora Skrlova,cultist hiding abroad as young girl or boy – not the mother – here are pictures of Klara Maurerova, the mother: http://www.novinky.cz/clanek/142960-special-soud-v-kauze-kurim.html
    Her own sister,and their partners had been involved.And one last thing-the cult was not really about canibalism,their motives were so twisted we can only guess why they followed orders of strange guru who communicated with them via internet and phone.However,this person is still being searched for and we hope he will be brought to justice.

  2. lol, bunch of funny lies

  3. Burn down all these devil worshippers including their leaders

  4. Reminds me of the movie Hostel….Damn EURO’S!!!!!!!!

  5. this barbaric in-human act a Godless cult, they’re subjected
    to death or burn them alive and their ashes is better to used
    as a soil fertilizer that might help our fellow farmers.

  6. For the boys I felt really sorry for them’
    Wake up Government!! please give them a million pay for their
    compensation….track all the devilish movement in your country
    feed them bit by bit to the crocodiles!!

  7. Looks like somebody put those informations more exactly since I first came here…
    I must dissapoint you-there is no death penalty in our country since the end of totallitary regime-in this case unfortunately.But burning them? Feeding them to crocodiles? Violence should not be not reciprocated with more violence… Now penalty for mother and her sister is 12 years in prison.I guess they will meet hell in there,living among other prisoners-everybody hates them…
    to paxton: You really think this is fenomenon occuring only in Europe?With that many secret brotherhoods in U.S.A.,for example former Cu Clux clan…Still its safer here,where only people possesing firearms certificate can carry guns legaly.

  8. It is unimaginable… Do you know, that another name of Skrlova is Podpesní ?

  9. Vitus you ignorant bastard! Apparently you are another of those self-righteous pain in the ass eastern Europeans who thinks he understands American culture and feels compelled to make an idiotic comparison of guns in our culture to the neglect, child abuse and cannibalism in your own.

    Lets set it straight, we have guns in USA yes, but in a lot of ways, that very fact protects our society from the type of animal behavior that seems so dominant in yours. That said, we must have a permit to carry a gun and the only legal place a US citizen may use a fire arm for defense is typically their home or place of employment, albeit a court could decide justifiable in some other circumstances, but a citizens primary duty is to retreat. We are not the gun-welding boot wearing people depicted by so many other countries.

    But back to the Republic of Czech, wasn’t there a similar story in the media where a father imprisoned one of his own daughters in a basement and fathered an entirely new family with her, all of whom were forced to live in the confines of the basement for better than a decade? Yeah, talk about the US… Fool.

    • Hey Alf the Alien,
      Im an American and i agree with Europeans
      I have been in Europe before i was stationed
      there for two years and in my opinion
      you are wrong the crime rate there
      is a lot lower than here.

      America is a communist country
      and are full of greedy political tyrants
      who profit from the crime rate in the states.

      The weird and sick shit happens here
      to you just dont make a big deal out of it
      until it happens somewhere else
      like in other countries so you can
      feel better about yourself standing
      on top your soap box yelling
      my country is better than yours
      well guy take it form me you are so wrong.

      believe it or not america is full of bizarre sick shit
      just as the next so get over yourself,
      step down off you soap box and shut the fuck up!!!

    • You are the stupid self centered kind of american you can find in the books.

      1. European crime rates are way lower

      2. The case you are referring to happened in Austria, wich is NOT east europe (learn your geography before you start blabbin)

      3. Most of the major and most disgusting cases (more than 75%) are from the US. Or need I remind you of Gacy,Bundy,Gein,Dahmer,Caroll,Speck,Fish and all the others?

      Instead of beeing so proud of your gun toting ways, why don’t you just think before you write…

      Every day, as many people get killed in New York as in Berlin in a whole year and guess what! Most of them are shot.

      Q.E.D. …Fool!

  10. “Alf the Alien”: You ignornant American idiot. You are such a typical example of somebody who knows nothing about the world because you are so convinced that the USA is centre of the universe. Firstly, your gun laws do not protect anybody. To think that guns will prevent crazy people from doing crazy things is just completely ignorant. Yeah, we’ll all be safe once everybody has a gun. You fool. There are far, far more complete lunatics, social outcasts, criminals, rapists, murderers, idiots (like you), fat people and sex abusers in the USA than anwhere else in the world. How many school shootings have there been in the US in the past ten years? Every insecure and frightened teenager has access to a gun and can kill at will. There’s just something wrong with Americans – they are not happy unless they’re bullying and abusing other nations, telling everybody what to do in the most hypocritical way imaginable. Just look at your president. You voted him in – TWICE!! Yeah, America will protect the world. What a load of shit. You greedy American half-breeds just want all the oil and all the praise from world leaders. Great job in Iraq by the way!

  11. To all Arrogant euro-trash,
    We Americans are tired of the rest of world acting like we (Americans) are the only fucked up culture in the world. You call us “greedy American half-breeds,” you are a racist piece of shit. Please, do yourself a favor, stay in your little fucked up country where you think it is so safe. The USA is probably way to dangerous for you. So enjoy your overly oppressive euro-shithole union, and stop skinning and eating your children for god’s sake.

  12. The Grail Movement has nothing to do with this sick act. It is a break away faction of the movement led by Mr. Skrla, a psychically unstable man who later formed a sect called “Skrla Sect” in 1996 that committed this crime.

    • Thank you Frank for the clarification. People love sensationalism. No one bothers cares about clarity. One of the lectures in the Grail Message. None of these judges here have bothered to to read the book or find out anything about the movement. Its easier to let others think for you while ignoring your healthy faculties. No wonder many faculties are sick and enjoy what is sick. Talk about Attraction of Homogenouse Species.

  13. […] Mejor, hablar de otro caso, lejos de México. Mejor hablar de Ondrej Mauerova. […]

  14. To Big Fat Yank,

    You obviously do not know a damn thing about America, as for “Every insecure and frightened teenager has access to a gun and can kill at will” that has to be one of the dumbest comments I’ve ever heard online. Why don’t you get your head out of your ass, and look around. You’ll find that your just as fuckd up as the rest of the world. About your comment “far more complete lunatics, social outcasts, criminals, rapists, murderers, idiots (like you), fat people and sex abusers in the USA than anwhere else in the world.” yah I’m sure, USA has more of these then the rest of the world combined, Instead of shooting out dumb ass opinions that have no factual base why don’t you actually do some research and then come back and argue. It’s retards like you that fill the world with complete lunatics, social outcasts, criminals, rapists, murderers, idiots (like you), fat people and sex abusers, always wanting to put the blame on someone else.

  15. Ok .. i think the point has already been made about their fate in prison. Noibody likes child abusers and rapists. I was only looking for some information but I read some stupid american comments. I got nothing against USA. I dont care about their people, but they sure don’t have the right to talk about us(europeans), and especially about our culture. You are right 5150 you are not the only fucked up culture in the world as you have no culture at all. Neither do you have any history. Maybe in the future(in a few hundred years) you’ll have the right to talk about european culture.

  16. to Alf the Alian: And you think, my friend, you made your point by offending me? Till you came, the discussion here was considerably peacefull, then BANG! Here comes Alf…I only pointed out few things-I know guns can protect but as we Czechs like to say: every coin comes with two sides…Don’t think we have no information about your country-we are seeing new from US almost every day. We are learning about US during high school a great deal (history,geography,form of government and law system). For example in our school American literature,Geography and things like that formed together almost a third of all the final exam topics. And we can see all new Hollywood blockbusters and all the series which are somehow depicting your culture (from The Simpsons to Prison Break etc.)…Theres the difference-while in our country,majority of young people know a great deal of stuff about America, I guess you can’t say the same about european countries…Maybe I am wrong, but I have feeling that people in such a big country tend to be more self-centred in way of knowlege.

  17. Oh and the last thing you wrote:
    But back to the Republic of Czech, wasn’t there a similar story in the media where a father imprisoned one of his own daughters in a basement and fathered an entirely new family with her, all of whom were forced to live in the confines of the basement for better than a decade? Yeah, talk about the US… Fool

    This (I thought everyone knew) took place in Austria, fool 😀


  19. I try to go the extra mile for my readers
    by doing research on multiple sources on stories
    to bring you people all the facts and photos on
    each case.
    Perez also mislabeled the photo he used
    on this story, giving the “Uncle Fester” photo the wrong
    The well informed reader VITUS was kind enough to
    send a link to these photos,
    which I promptly checked out.
    I then went to a variety of other sources looking for even
    more photos to share with you readers.
    The readers of 22MOON expect well researched
    accurate coverage of stories and I try really hard to deliver,
    my readers deserve no less!
    Without you smart well informed readers,
    MOON would be just a “regular” website.
    You readers deserve so much more!
    I feel a connection with you people
    and I want you to have the best.
    I LOVE reading all the comments and
    you people help me SO MUCH!!!
    MOON is not about me,
    it is about YOU!
    I am humbled that
    you people support this site.
    It makes all the work
    worth it! Rash

  20. this is pretty metal.

  21. Stop fighting. I don’t see any result in arguing which nation , eropa or usa, is ‘worse’ or ‘better’. The whole world has crazy and fucked up idiots who will always do shit like this. and kill and abuse others. It’s not a question of if they’re europeans or americans. I’m from Europe and I think it’s beautiful here, I’m actually even from Austria, and I’m deeply sad about what happened in Amstetten, the man who fathered her own daughter. Actually, everyone in Austria is absolutely shocked. Europeans are for sure no crazy psychopaths, the same shit happens everywhere in the world. You all should rather be glad that there’s still hope that such cases are being detected. Otherwise this czech boys would have been living in their hell forever. You just have no idea what’s going on in other nations, f.ex. nations ruled by military regime, their inhabitants are being killed and abused. And no one is helping them. Media is just not reporting about it.

    See, I love living in Europe but at the same time i love the USA, I travel there as often as I can and it is a beautiful country with wonderful,smart people.

    The thing i wanna say is that every nation has its killer idiots and problems.

    The only thing I must agree is that the legal system and the punishments in europe are absolutely RIDICULOUS. They get this nice cell with a TV in it, it’s almost like a small vacation. Those people deserve it to be burning in a small cell for the rest of their lives, but the maximum they’ll get is 20 years and that’s SAD.
    Especially when it comes to child abusers and rapists the punishments are way too mild. There is no such thing as rehabilitation for rapists, those people are sick and they’ll always do it even if they’ve done it just once before. They need to be locked away FOREVER. and i really mean forever. there is no space in our society for people who abuse or rape people.

  22. So Vitus you should ask your Government to put it back the death
    penalty in your country. the main thing here is not to throw a stone to each other like this? the main thing is do not tolerate this kind of heinous act, this devilish scenarios happened in every inch
    of the world. you all guys know why? because the world turn their back away from God.it’s a curse from God.

  23. Oh my,I don’t want to start discusion about religion here – maybe you’re right, maybe not, but I personally do not believe in god – I don’t deny His existence and I acknowledge Christianity as very important part of our history and culture. But even thou I am kinda disbeliever, I would never commit such a thing…..I am not going to ask our government to restore capital punishment, I will leave it to people of greater importance whose word could change a mind or few. I don’t know if agree with it anyway – however, I agree with bo. Our punishments should be higher – mastermind of this tragedy should be never let out of prison. Those women were manipulated, maybe threatend to punish poor boys so brutaly and Klara Maurerova refused to cut out peace of boys meat and eat it (I think It was meant to be an act of terror rather than a canibalism – this part was little misstold by foreign media to make whole thing looking more scary. It is actually much much worse, but not in the bombastic way media would like… Later,Turek and Skrla came and did this) – what I am trying to say is, I would send her in prison for 12 years at minimum!!! ……Death penalty is a “painfull” issue in our country

  24. …in our history – in the time of totalitary communist regime, innocent people were imprisoned for hidden political reasons. They went though constructed law suits and were hanged or shot. Some of imprisoned people were even 2ndWW heroes, who fought bravely as RAF pilots. Fortunately, not all were killed.

  25. Bo –
    Thank you so much for leveling the field – you are right that every place in the world has both bad and good things going on.

    Unfortunately, our legal system in the USA has its flaws, too. While some of our states still have the death penalty, for the most part, people are sent to prisons where they must be treated very nicely, with televisions and amenities and can even earn college educations! And the prisons are so full that people are let go early to free up space! It is a terrible thing that justice just doesn’t seem to be served.

  26. Cool. Hail Satan!

  27. What??
    1) The name is not Ondrej Mauerova, but Ondrej Mauer. Mauerova is female surname. The child is a boy.
    2) All bulshits. They were not CANIBALS, they didnt eat the children.No flesh, no blood. I dont know your informations source, but its completely bullshits. They were sadisticaly punishing the children, maybe they were in a Grail Movement (but it wasnt ever maked good). Oh gosh.

  28. I would be interested to have a web conversation with vitus. this person seems to know alot about the subject and we’re about to produce a movie based on the subject. It would be a great help to even have her as a referance

  29. When did this blog become a America is better then everyone else conversation.

    Well one I live in America and I’m fat by all means had to add that because of the guy who said something about being American and fat.

    I”m a dream interpreter and I have been dreaming certain things ….. my dreams have lead me to the grail movement and may I add also that these are not dreams but nightmares now I’m not saying that it is the grail movement but I do know that soething is happening to a woman somewhere and I cant pin point it.

    If anyone has any information that may help me with this certain case please let me know.

    I have had this same exact dream for over 4 months now and I need some answers.

    I have a strong feeling the it is in the Czech Republic because of numbers I dialed on the phone for rescue in the dream.

    Thank you

  30. […] Morley may soon be cooking in Hells Kitchen! Klara Mauerova cannibal cult clan mom on trial! Cult cannibal clan captured, but more monsters still at large. […]

  31. This heinous act is about disturbed minds
    and absolutely not connected with the missions
    of the Grail Movement
    (It is not actually an organisation in the
    strictest sense because members called
    crossbearers are free to act according
    to their own free will).

    If anybody reads the Grail Message of Abd-ru-shin
    nowhere can you find this kind of brutality and barbarism!

    In great religions on earth today you can find
    members with different kind of devilistic acts,
    but they do not necessarily connected with their faiths.

    There are really abominable acts done
    by individuals not related with their religions,
    sects, or groups.

    The Grail Movement is not a cult
    not being an organisation, religion,
    sect or group in the strictest sense!

    Before you make your judgment
    I invite you to read first Abd-ru-shin’s book
    “In the Light of Truth” otherwise known
    as the Grail Message.

    There you can see Abd-ru-shin
    is against it (cult) in the first place.

    He did not even establish a religion
    and he had no intention whatsoever.

    He taught that spiritual development
    depends upon the individual,
    hence religions or sects are not at all important.

    The individual must strive to know
    on his own God’s Will or the Laws of Creation
    in order to ascend to the Luminous Heights!

    One of the Laws of God
    he teaches is the Law of Reciprocal Action
    (the Law of Sowing and Reaping)
    or the Law of Karma,
    which warns individuals that whatever they think,
    say and do would have a reciprocal effect
    that would absolutely visit them sooner or later.

    he warns that evil things will fall on us
    with stronger effects should we act evil.

    And the persons who committed
    the barbaric acts in this issue
    seem not to know or just disregarded
    (if they know) the said Law.

    So how can they be legitimate members
    of the Grail Movement when Abd-ru-shin
    taught against evil things?

    I exhort everybody not to irresponsibly drag
    the Grail Movement in this issue,
    it has absolutely nothing to do about it!

    • Thank You for the informative comment Santos –
      the sensation loving media did paint the
      Grail Movement as really evil but your logic
      and well written words are quite eye opening.

      I am so glad to get the
      other side of the story.

      The evil people in this story
      are just that and what those
      weirdos (allegedly) did was the
      work of psychos and blaming a
      religious movement is neither
      fair nor right.

      Thank You for opening my eyes
      and the eyes of many readers
      and Thank You for commenting and
      Thank You for reading 22MOON!


  32. You said it all Santos. And perhaps the editor of this site should check posts and stories out before publishing them. The wrong posts may discredit your site.

    • It would be a service to the readers
      if you could explain The Grail Movement
      to the readers so they understand the
      nut cases in the story are just hiding
      behind the movement but in no way
      represent the actual movement.

      I’m glad for your insightful comments
      and people should hear the real story
      of The Grail Movement and not just the
      side published in the tabloid press.

      Website links could help also
      so my readers can hear the reality
      and not the tabloid slanders.

      Thanks for the comments-
      enlightening readers
      to the truth of The Grail Movement
      and more information would be great
      so they can see it and I will add it
      to the site.


  33. And to discredit this further – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grail_Movement#Resurrected_Czech_Cannibalism_case

    For the sake of journalistic integrity – correct your errors.

  34. i want to meet up with barbora skrlova so she can have sex with me and cannibalise me in real life i am a 36 year old man my dame is david hickle i want to meet her in real life for sex and for her to cannibalise me i live at 4045 castel dr. groveport ohio 43125 usa.

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