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Tina Fey voted Top Lesbian Icon!

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SMOOCHING another man in Brokeback Mountain and getting his kit off in Jarhead has catapulted JAKE GYLLENHAAL to the No.1 spot in a gay icon poll, Nadia Mendoza reports June 3rd for The U.K. Sun.

The buff Donnie Darko actor, who starred opposite the late HEATH LEDGER in the cowboy flick, nabbed first prize for the second consecutive year on gay website AfterElton.com.

The website said:

“What accounts for Jake’s ongoing appeal to gay men?

His doe-eyed, boy next door (yet somehow smouldering) looks certainly don’t hurt, but we suspect what really makes gay men go for him is that he doesn’t have an issue going for us.

“Jake has done as much as any actor to show straight guys there isn’t a good reason to be afraid of gay guys or gay roles.”

Jake beat Torchwood star and I’d Do Anything judge JOHN BARROWMAN and Brothers and Sister’s hottie LUKE MCFARLANE to the top spot.

Comedienne TINA FEY topped the lesbian counterpart, beating US talk show host ELLEN DEGENERES, her girlfriend PORTIA DE ROSSI and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines star KRISTANNA LOKEN to first place.


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