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Nick Sandmann’s lawyer announces serious action against Nathan Phillips

February 11, 2019

An attorney representing Nick Sandmann, the 16-year-old student from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky who became the center of political controversy last month, have announced legal action against Nathan Phillips, the Native American man who Sandmann and his classmates were accused of mocking.

AOC: The Perfect Graduate of Today’s Biased Colleges

February 11, 2019

That’s what I mean about the danger of our educational system. It’s not global warming that’s the problem, as the Green New Deal would have it (though its actual intention appears to have little to do with the environment and everything to do with promoting socialism). The real problem is our colleges (and earlier education, obviously) that are turning out the likes of AOC on an assembly line of the sort that drove Charlie Chaplin mad in Modern Times

Tyra Banks brands herself a ‘Hot Mess’ – Part ONE of FOUR

February 11, 2019

She instils confidence in aspiring catwalk queens on her hit show, America’s Next Top Model.

However, Tyra Banks faced some light-hearted backlash for uploading a throwback image from 2005 Grammy Awards, where she uploaded the caption: ‘What the HELL was I thinking!!!??? #HotRedMess’