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Jennifer Lawrence: Spewing Venom-Speak is destroying her career

September 13, 2017

Because it was not that long ago, we all remember when we still liked actress Jennifer Lawrence. At 19, she knocked us all out in 2010’s Winter’s Bone. The following year she was the best thing in the box office hit X-Men: First Class. The year after that she went certified platinum when The Hunger Games topped off a domestic gross of $408 million.

Hillary calls Bernie Sanders a “Spoiler” candidate – VIDEO

September 13, 2017

There’s one thing that staunch Trump supporters and socialist Bernie Sanders supporters agree on (well, aside from their anti-free trade economic stance), and that’s the fact that Hillary Clinton lost the election because of her own failures. She didn’t lose because Bernie Sanders was a “spoiler” candidate; if anything, he invigorated the party with his appeal to young people. But, on her blame-everyone-but-me tour, Clinton is saying just that. She insisted, “He’s not even a Democrat. […] He didn’t support Democrats, he’s not supporting Democrats now.”

Whitechapel horror: Monster Fatberg discovered lurking in sewers

September 13, 2017

Engineers are working round the clock to clear what is believe to be London’s biggest ever fatberg – which is more than twice as long as the Wembley pitch.

The 250-yard long mass of waste, including fat, oil, condoms, wet wipes and nappies, under Whitechapel Road, weighs the same as 11 double decker buses.

Thames Water believe it will take them three weeks to completely remove the berg, which is blocking a Victorian sewer.

MIC’s Louise Thompson flaunts her gym-honed physique – Part THREE of THREE

September 13, 2017

MIC’s Louise Thompson flaunts her sizzling gym-honed physique in TINY blue bikini as she hits the beach with shirtless boyfriend Ryan Libbey in Los Angeles