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‘Red Sparrow’ movie: Latest flop from Jennifer Lawrence

March 4, 2018

Jennifer Lawrence’s big-budget Red Sparrow is underperforming big time at the box office. Already-modest predictions called for a $20 million opening. As of now, it looks like $17 million, which is a disaster for a product that, with promotion and advertising, cost in the neighborhood of $120 million.

Jennifer Lawrence gives The Finger to ‘mother!’ critics

September 22, 2017

Jennifer Lawrence issued a one-finger salute Thursday during an official Academy screening of her new critically panned flick, “mother!”

Jennifer Lawrence movie ‘Mother!’ of all box office bombs

September 16, 2017

The bootlicker media attempts to convince themselves that social justice warrior-Lawrence’s venomous attacks on the customers and their intelligence (The Princess of Pro-Science blamed Trump for two hurricanes) had nothing to do with this weekend’s career catastrophe

Jennifer Lawrence: Spewing Venom-Speak is destroying her career

September 13, 2017

Because it was not that long ago, we all remember when we still liked actress Jennifer Lawrence. At 19, she knocked us all out in 2010’s Winter’s Bone. The following year she was the best thing in the box office hit X-Men: First Class. The year after that she went certified platinum when The Hunger Games topped off a domestic gross of $408 million.

Jennifer Lawrence blames Trump for hurricanes – VIDEO

September 9, 2017

Jennifer Lawrence thinks Mother Nature sent the hurricanes to punish America for voting Trump.
Jennifer Lawrence is an idiot

Jennifer Lawrence shares more words of her wisdom

November 13, 2015

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