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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shares Thanksgiving day wisdom

November 22, 2018

Thanksgiving, after all, is ripe with opportunities for a young progressive to denounce colonialism, genocide and the ecological holocaust our Pilgrim forebears allegedly brought forth upon this continent.

Saturday Night Live’s anti-Trump ‘jokes’ turning off Viewers – VIDEO

May 15, 2018

Saturday Night Live’s anti-Trump jokes are so predictable that even leftists have had enough

Bigoted Democrats propaganda shifted the blame for Racism

May 14, 2018

Polling results that were almost universally synchronized in favor of the illegitimately nominated Democrat, Hillary Clinton, had begun to swing in a direction that was closer to our eventual reality in the days leading up to November 8th, 2016.

Ultimate Victim Hillary will be the 2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee

March 12, 2018

She’s sought the nation’s highest office twice before, losing to Barack Obama and Donald Trump — odds are she thinks a third time will do it

Crooked Hillary spent 53 times more money per month than Russian Trolls

February 18, 2018

Hillary Clinton spent 53 times more money per month than Russians seeking to influence the 2016 presidential election.

Democrats throw Donna Brazile under the Bus

November 8, 2017

Her cryptic mentions of Seth Rich and subsequent refusal to elaborate on the subject may be a signal that killing her would set off mutual destruction

Hillary Minions accuse Donna Brazile of spreading ‘FALSE RUSSIAN-FUELED PROPAGANDA’

November 5, 2017

Now the former DNC chair works for the Russians?

SNL propagandist Alec Baldwin victim-blames Rose McGowen

November 5, 2017

Late last week, in an apparent attempt to inoculate himself from the nuclear Harvey Weinstein scandal, Saturday Night Live’s Alec Baldwin admitted he has “bullied women.” Baldwin seemed all-too eager to prove himself correct Saturday by victim-blaming Rose McGowan and then lashing out at alleged-Weinstein rape victim Asia Argento.

Donna Brazile backtracks to extend her lifespan

November 4, 2017

Former interim head of the DNC Donna Brazile has a bombshell claim in her book that has made even the staunchest of Hillary Clinton defenders say it’s time to move beyond 2016. It’s clear that Brazile is feeling the heat from the Left side of the aisle, because a fast walk back was attempted yesterday after President Trump cited her book to hammer Hillary Clinton

Hillary supporters lambast Elizabeth Warren and Donna Brazile over DNC exposé

November 3, 2017

The Democrats and their globalist handlers are turning against the Clintons just as Infowars predicted on Oct. 24, with former DNC head Donna Brazile in particular exposing how Hillary Clinton stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders.
Brazile published a bombshell exposé in Politico (from her book Hacks), a left-leaning outlet, revealing three key points on how the Clinton campaign controlled the party BEFORE Hillary was chosen as the nominee, how the DNC shafted the more popular candidate Bernie Sanders and how the Clinton campaign robbed Democratic state parties by funneling money to her campaign headquarters in Brooklyn.