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Establishment Media wins Gold Medal for glamorizing North Korean Gulag Queen

February 13, 2018

There’s a new competitive sport at this year’s Winter Olympics in South Korea. Its participants are members of the establishment media. Their aim: to suck up to the despotic regime in North Korea. The gold medal goes to the most ingratiating and morally obtuse totalitarian ass-kisser. And though the games have just begun, I think I know who the winner is.

CNN discredits it’s own poll after results favor Trump

January 31, 2018

CNN scrambled to conduct damage control after a large majority registered a ‘very positive’ reaction to President Trump’s State Of The Union Address.

#ReleaseTheMemo – What are the Democrats hiding?

January 20, 2018

A former Secret Service agent who worked under Obama has declared that the details contained within the reportedly shocking classified FISA abuse memo will completely rewrite the legacy of the former President.

Trump drinks water yet again! Can impeachment be far behind?! – VIDEO

December 19, 2017

Trump derangement syndrome kicked into high gear Tuesday after The President once again used both hands to drink from a glass of water, prompting leftists to declare that Trump clearly has advanced dementia.

CNN’s Jim Acosta so desperate for ratings he attempted to politicize a weather event

August 26, 2017

CNN’s most whiny mouthpiece Jim Acosta took a swipe at President Trump on Twitter this morning while attempting to legitimize the news network’s output, but only succeeded in igniting a hilarious backlash.

CNN and MSNBC promote ANTIFA violence – VIDEOS

August 17, 2017