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Portland Rioters threw paint in elderly woman’s face – VIDEO

August 8, 2020

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Portland Police rescue Pig from paleface Portland Punks – VIDEO

August 3, 2020

The use of imagery like decapitated heads and burning bodies by Antifa appears eerily reminiscent of the beheadings and immolation infamously perpetrated by the Islamic State terror network in the Middle East during the mid-2010s. President Trump has declared that he is seeking to similarly designate Antifa as a terrorist organization for its violent and anti-American activities over the past two months.

Tucker Carlson Debunks the Transgender Murder “Epidemic” Myth – VIDEO

January 14, 2020

Last night, I was watching Tucker Carlson when he began a segment on the claim surrounding the mass of transgender people dying and how it’s become something of a national epidemic.

Anti-Trump Protester bites female MMA Fighter, this doesn’t end well

November 11, 2019

Professional MMA fighter, Tara LaRosa on Sunday took a violent anti-Trump protester to the ground after the woman allegedly attacked another woman at a flag-waving rally for Veterans Day in Portland.

ANTIFA: Brownshirts for the Democratic Party

July 1, 2019

BUSTED: Keith Ellison Photographed With Portland ANTIFA Leader, Deletes Pro-ANTIFA Tweet