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Actor Issac Kappy dead at 42

May 15, 2019

Arizona’s Department of Public Safety confirmed Tuesday that 42-year-old actor Isaac Kappy jumped off a bridge to his death on Monday. Tonight’s Banned Broadcast includes Kappy’s interview with Alex Jones, his final message, and his major accusations against Hollywood.

Hillary slams 2020 Dems because she’s not running for President

May 15, 2019

The non-candidate presidential candidate is now attacking the declared candidates.

Hillary Clinton thinks questions about a candidate’s likability are sexist, and turned the idea into a slam on male Democrat candidates.

Democrats’ Clown Car for President may cost them

May 15, 2019

Remember when Republicans were known as “the stupid party”? Get a load of what the Democrats are doing to challenge them for the title.

Mike Allen of Axios has an interesting piece describing how the crammed clown car of Democratic candidates, all of them seeking to be the president, may be costing them any prospect of winning back the Senate and might even hurt them in the House, too

Asuka Kishi – 岸明日香 sensual snapshots – Part FIVE of SIX

May 15, 2019

Asuka Kishi 岸明日香 perfect body sexy lingerie and bikini photographs and VIDEOS