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The Trayvon Hoax: Unmasking the Witness Fraud that Divided America – VIDEO

September 3, 2020

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Was Millie Weaver secretly declared an “Enemy Combatant” by Obama’s Deep State minions?

August 17, 2020

Was Millie Weaver secretly declared an “enemy combatant” by Obama’s stay-behind deep state actors and arrested under the NDAA? Hodges asks key questions

How schools in the near future will use COVID-19 as an excuse to quarantine and vaccinate children – VIDEO

July 30, 2020

Jon Rappaport explains how schools in the near future will use COVID-19 as an excuse to quarantine and vaccinate children and their families

Black Lives Matter is a political party bent on Globalist domination of America – VIDEO

June 17, 2020

Cloaked by a supposed movement for racial equality and playing on people’s guilt to submit to an unelected power

Washington Post commands Hollywood stop making movies and shows about the Police

June 6, 2020

A bizarre op-ed at the Washington Post on Thursday commanded Hollywood to cease making movies and television shows about the police, because such entertainment is somehow empowering cops like the one accused of killing George Floyd and preventing Americans from understanding just how awful the police really are.

Democratic Socialists of America Train Protesters to Loot, Riot – VIDEO

June 4, 2020

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) of Broward County admitted in a training session for George Floyd protesters Wednesday that they support looting and rioting, NATIONAL FILE has exclusively learned.

CDC confirms test kits contaminated with Wuhan Virus – VIDEO

April 27, 2020

Federal agencies and numerous media outlets have confirmed that Chinese and CDC test kits are contaminated with the coronavirus. Is this a deliberate action to exacerbate the crisis and keep American on lockdown?

George Zimmerman Sues Trayvon Martin’s Family Over ‘Imposter’ Witness

April 15, 2020

George Zimmerman’s lawsuit saga is unfolding though the Florida court system in the form of depositions and a powerful but little known tool called “Requests for Admissions.”

Trump ready to take down Deep State – X22 report VIDEO

March 29, 2020

Trump and his patriots have defeated Deep State – Deep State in the dark – Trump in the light – X22 Report VIDEO