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Alexa has been eavesdropping – Moon readers informed years ago

May 6, 2019

Would you let a stranger eavesdrop in your home and keep the recordings? For most people, the answer is, “Are you crazy?”

Yet that’s essentially what Amazon has been doing to millions of us with its assistant Alexa in microphone-equipped Echo speakers. And it’s hardly alone: Bugging our homes is Silicon Valley’s next frontier.

Petition Wants Brie Larson Replaced – First Female Captain Marvel was Black

May 6, 2019

The first female Captain Marvel was a black woman and an online petition calling for Brie Larson to be replaced is gaining steam

Godzilla: King Of Monsters final trailer – VIDEO

May 6, 2019

. . . . .

Kaley Cuoco at the Big Bang Theory finale party – Part TWO of FIVE

May 6, 2019

Kaley Cuoco and handsome husband Karl Cook lead the stars at the Big Bang Theory series finale party