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Town of Lunt signs target of vandals and yobs





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A campaign has been launched

in the historic village of Lunt

to change its name because

vandals keep defacing

road signs,

ANANOVA reports

May 14th, 2008.

The not-so-witty pranksters

constantly change the

village’s name to an

extremely rude swear word,

reports the Daily Telegraph.


the proposal is dividing

villagers in the Merseyside

community who say they

should not have to give up

a name that has been around

since the 13th century.

Martyn Ball,

a retired police officer

and prospective

Conservative councillor,

is urging residents

to support the move

because he is fed up

with the graffiti which

greets visitors

to the village.

He said:

“We are all painfully

aware of the repeated

times our village sign

is defaced by

mindless yobs who

change the L to a C.”

“Drive in every day

and you see a very

offensive word.”

Dr Ball has suggested

Launt as an alternative


which he says would be

pronounced the same.



in the village say the

vandals should not be

allowed to ruin

their heritage.

Steward Dobson,


a parish councillor,


“This village is very,

very old and people don’t

want the name changed.”

David Roughley,

whose family has farmed

in Lunt since 1851,


“At the end of the day

we live in Lunt and we

don’t want to change

because of a few yobs.

It is the vandals

who should change,

not the village.”



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  1. Can’t they place the bottom part of the letter “L” onto the top portion? Seems like it might inspire more visitor revenues.

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