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Charlie Sheen leaps off The Crazy Train and survives

January 10, 2012

Charlie Sheen is not crazy anymore

Charlie Sheen quotations gift the world his genius

March 17, 2011

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Howard Stern calls Charlie Sheen a “fascinating car wreck”

March 17, 2011

____GREEN links below – . .__Howard Stern .__admires Charlie .__Sheen‘s attitude, .__calls his antics .__‘fascinating car wreck’ .__03/16/2011 1:35 PM | .__OnTheRedCarpet.com .__HowardStern.com – .__Official site of The .__Howard Stern Show

Charlie Sheen ‘Torpedo Of Truth’ Tour De Farce

March 16, 2011

.___GREEN links below – . .__Charlie Sheen .__adds dates to .__his live tour | .__Los Angeles Times .__Charlie Sheen .__Expands Live Tour .__to 5 More Cities – .__ABC News _Charlie Sheen -_Official Website .__Charlie .__Sheen Tour — .__Sold Out in 18 Minutes! .__TMZ.com

Charlie Sheen News dominates Media instead of world events such as GaGa sightings

March 14, 2011

____GREEN links below – ___ROB LOWE: ___CHARLIE SHEEN ___LINED UP TO BE ___REPLACED BY ROB ___LOWE ON TWO ___AND A HALF MEN? ___Showbiz Spy ___Rob Lowe ___can’t replace ___Charlie Sheen ___on ‘Two and a ___Half Men’ due to ___‘Parks and Recreation’ ___producer ___Charlie Sheen ___praises Rob Lowe ___and John Stamos, ___who may replace him ___on […]

Charlie Sheen Proves A Whiner Never Quits

March 13, 2011

. . __6 GREEN links below – . ___Cryer makes ___light of Sheen‘s ___‘troll’ comments ___Yahoo! News UK ____Charlie -____Sheen, ____Coming Live ____to a Theater -____Near You -____Speakeasy – WSJ ___Charlie Sheen ___is going on tour – ___CNN.com ___Charlie Sheen ___brings live show ___to Detroit, ___Chicago – ___Yahoo! News ___Charlie Sheen ___finding ways to ___win off […]

Charlie Sheen Still On His Whining Streak

March 13, 2011

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Charlie Sheen won’t stop whining – I mean winning

March 11, 2011

. -____GREEN links below – . ___Charlie Sheen is ___‘Winning’ the ___Internet – ___FoxNews.com ___Sheen ___‘is everywhere’ ___Stuff.co.nz ___Exclusive: ___Charlie Sheen ____Says He’s ___‘Not Bipolar ___but ‘Bi-Winning’ ___Charlie Sheen ___outranks Obama ___and Lady Gaga ___in social media ___Yahoo!7 ___Charlie Sheen ___Is Most Discussed ___Person Online ___This Year (Survey) – ___The Hollywood Reporter .

Charlie Sheen’s brain damage no longer amusing

March 10, 2011

Charlie Sheen’s brain damage caused perhaps by mixing Cocaine with Alcohol makes the dangerous drug Cocaethylene

Charlie Sheen Zip It Now

March 10, 2011

. ___4 GREEN links below – . ___Charlie Sheen ___Taunts Ex-Bosses ___About “Illegal and ___Unconscionable” ___Firing – ___TVGuide.com ___Charlie Sheen to ___‘Two and a Half Men’s’ ___Chuck Lorre: ___‘Where ya hiding, .____silly clown?’ ___Los Angeles Times ___Charlie Sheen ___and the future of ___“Two and a Half Men” ___latimes.com ___Charlie Sheen: ___Getting Fired ___‘Entirely Illegal’ ___People.com […]