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George Clooney: The Man From U.N.C.L.E.?



Everyone knows

George Clooney
is the perfect
choice to play
Napoleon Solo
in a remake of the
classic TV show
‘The Man From
-____Check out the
___two videos below –
___really great work.
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.___Hear the classic
-__show’s theme below.

10 Responses to “George Clooney: The Man From U.N.C.L.E.?”

  1. i think its great that they are makeing a new movie of the man from uncle

  2. Vaughn was in his early thirties as Solo. It is perhaps implied that Solo joined UNCLE as some sort of Special Forces veteran of the Korean conflict. Everyone knows Clooney is too old by almost 20 years. He would be a WWII or pre-WWII veteran in the 1960’s. I’d prefer to see Ian Somerhalder as Solo, and he’s 32 or so. Solo was NOT nearly eligible for AARP, as Clooney is.

  3. Thank you, sir.
    I grew up with UNCLE
    as a huge part of my imagination,
    and now,
    considerably older,
    of course,
    the first season is the epitome
    of the UNCLE concept.

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar,
    as a story can be just a story.

    It can be something larger,
    verging on the mythic.

    Somehow, UNCLE, like Buffy,
    goes beyond mere fun story telling.

    It was the writing,
    and no less Vaughn and McCallum specifically,
    that achieved this.

    • Thank You for
      the great comments
      Purist Crank –
      I was going to
      write almost the same thing-
      I grew up watching
      The Man From UNCLE.

      I had the pistol that
      converted to a rifle,
      the fake walkie talkie pen,
      the ID card.

      I never missed UNCLE,
      or WILD WILD WEST,
      so many other shows
      that shaped my
      life in a good way.

      Those shows were
      my role models in
      a real world where
      right and wrong
      were confusing
      grey areas in my
      life due to mental
      issues and some
      other bad stuff
      for kids.

      Those characters taught
      me that it is OK to be good
      all of the time and not
      go along with the crowd.

      That it is a duty
      to fight evil and
      forget the odds.

      Those characters
      taught me the
      values I still carry.

      Thank God
      for our Heros
      and Heroines
      for they teach
      us not how to do
      it perhaps but that
      it can be done.

      Long Live UNCLE!

      Long live our
      mythic heros-
      for they can
      never die.

      Thank You for
      the great comments.


      I created Rash Manly
      to be brave and strong
      and to say things that
      need to be said.

      I thought I created him,
      but he re-created me.


  4. (I still have the Solo gun by Ideal,
    somewhat worse for the passage of years.
    Never had the Marx Counterspy Outfit, though.
    Tried several different ways to adequately mimic the modified P38.)

    • How cool is that!

      Alas I lost my
      UNCLE ID Card
      and gun but never
      the ideals of
      Fighting Evil.



  5. Clooney’s my favorite leading man.
    Awesome choice! Afterwards,
    he needs to be cast as Green Hornet in a
    (rebooted) serious crime drama version a la “The Dark Knight”. 🙂

  6. Interesting. A fan trailer on YouTube proposes Matt Damon as Solo and Daniel Craig as Kuryakin.

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