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Chinese restaurant was keeping fish in a urinal

February 25, 2011

___ A Chinese restaurant has been criticised – for keeping ornamental fish in a urinal, ANANOVA reports May 25th, 2008. The restaurant in Changchun city has around 20 fancy carp in the four-metre long trough in the gents’ bathroom. The Eastern Asian Economic and Trade Daily says experts have condemned the move as harmful to […]

‘Two And A Half Men’ show renamed ‘One And A Half Men’

February 25, 2011

. ___4 GREEN links below – . ______Charlie Sheen ______attacks ‘Two and ______a Half Men’ creator – ______ABC News . ______Charlie Sheen’s ______Radio Rant: ______Bashes Men Creator, ______Calls Women “Turds” . ______Charlie Sheen ______wants to move ______ex-wives Brooke ______Mueller, ______Denise Richards into ______his L.A. neighborhood . ______CBS & Warner Bros ______Pull The Plug: ______But Have […]