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Charlie Sheen’s ex-bosses launch depth charges against Charlie’s Torpedos of Truth

April 16, 2011

__Two and A Half  __Men bosses fire  __back at Sheen –  __Yahoo! News UK ______GREEN link below  __Sheen announces  __bipolar awareness  __walk –  __Yahoo! News UK .____4 GREEN links below – ____Famous People ____with Bipolar ______Disorder ____Famous ____Bipolar -____People _____Pendulum Resources: _____Famous People _._____with Bipolar ________Disorders ____Bipolar Disorder ____Sign, Symptoms _______and Latest ________Research    

Charlie Sheen’s first Tour date reveals why actors need writers

April 3, 2011

_____GREEN links below – . ___Charlie Sheen‘s ___Detroit disaster: ___Boos, ___walk-outs for ___‘Torpedo of Truth’ ___Inside TV | EW.com ___Charlie Sheen‘s ___‘Torpedo of Truth’ ___tour booed in Detroit ___CNN.com ___Charlie Sheen‘s ___‘Violent Torpedo ___of Truth’ tour kicks ___off in Detroit, ___TV star is booed ___off the stage

Charlie Sheen Torpedo Tour hits Detroit tonight – The Motown Blowdown!

April 2, 2011

______GREEN links below – . ___Charlie Sheen promises ___‘real story’ with 20-city ___‘Torpedo of Truth’ tour ___starting in Detroit – ___The Washington Post .___Charlie Sheen coming .___to Detroit’s Fox Theatre .___Detroit Free Press ____Charlie Sheen‘s live ____‘Violent Torpedo’ tour: ____Not really sold out? ____Show Tracker ____Los Angeles Times ____Charlie Sheen -____Rake$ It In _____On Tour […]

Charlie Sheen quotations gift the world his genius

March 17, 2011

. _____GREEN links below – . ___Charlie Sheen: ___Craziest quotes l ___OnTheRedCarpet.com ___Word on the Street: ___Reactions to Charlie ___Sheen‘s Crazy Sound ___Bites [Video] | ___PopEater.com

Howard Stern calls Charlie Sheen a “fascinating car wreck”

March 17, 2011

____GREEN links below – . .__Howard Stern .__admires Charlie .__Sheen‘s attitude, .__calls his antics .__‘fascinating car wreck’ .__03/16/2011 1:35 PM | .__OnTheRedCarpet.com .__HowardStern.com – .__Official site of The .__Howard Stern Show

Charlie Sheen ‘Torpedo Of Truth’ Tour De Farce

March 16, 2011

.___GREEN links below – . .__Charlie Sheen .__adds dates to .__his live tour | .__Los Angeles Times .__Charlie Sheen .__Expands Live Tour .__to 5 More Cities – .__ABC News _Charlie Sheen -_Official Website .__Charlie .__Sheen Tour — .__Sold Out in 18 Minutes! .__TMZ.com

Charlie Sheen News dominates Media instead of world events such as GaGa sightings

March 14, 2011

____GREEN links below – ___ROB LOWE: ___CHARLIE SHEEN ___LINED UP TO BE ___REPLACED BY ROB ___LOWE ON TWO ___AND A HALF MEN? ___Showbiz Spy ___Rob Lowe ___can’t replace ___Charlie Sheen ___on ‘Two and a ___Half Men’ due to ___‘Parks and Recreation’ ___producer ___Charlie Sheen ___praises Rob Lowe ___and John Stamos, ___who may replace him ___on […]

Charlie Sheen Wins one Pyrrhic Victory after another

March 13, 2011

. . . ___GREEN links below – ___Lorre‘s lawyer: ___‘Sheen lawsuit is ___recklessly false’ ___Yahoo! News UK   ___GuelphMercury – ___Charlie Sheen, ___estranged wife ___strike custody ___deal as… ___Sheen‘s house ___raided by authorities ___Yahoo! News UK ___Los Angeles police ___seize ‘antique’ weapon ___and bullets from ___Charlie Sheen‘s ___Sherman Oaks house ___in weapons search ___NYPOST.com   […]

Charlie Sheen Proves A Whiner Never Quits

March 13, 2011

. . __6 GREEN links below – . ___Cryer makes ___light of Sheen‘s ___‘troll’ comments ___Yahoo! News UK ____Charlie -____Sheen, ____Coming Live ____to a Theater -____Near You -____Speakeasy – WSJ ___Charlie Sheen ___is going on tour – ___CNN.com ___Charlie Sheen ___brings live show ___to Detroit, ___Chicago – ___Yahoo! News ___Charlie Sheen ___finding ways to ___win off […]

Charlie Sheen Still On His Whining Streak

March 13, 2011

____3 GREEN links below   ___Week in Review: ___Is Charlie Sheen‘s ___Chokehold on the ___Zeitgeist Making ___You Gag? – ___E! Online ___Charlie Sheen‘s ___downfall to be subject ___of new TLC documentary ___The Daily Telegraph ___Charlie Sheen ___Launches Official -___Website – ___The Hollywood Reporter