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Trump vs. The Evil Reds


Donald J. Trump is our Ashley J. Williams.


For those who don’t know,

Ash Williams is the hero of the Evil Dead universe.

Ash is Everyman – often afraid, outnumbered, outgunned, outsmarted, out of the loop and out of luck.


Ash is me and maybe you.

So when all the wiser men, the people that have some power but refuse to use it to fight – refuse to do what needs to be done – that is when the world needs an Ash.

Donald J. Trump is the political Ashley J. Williams.

Just like Ash, Trump faces foes with smart remarks and often puts his foot in his mouth.  Trump screws up sometimes, sort of often, just like Ash.


But why Trump is like Ash goes far beyond beyond that.


Ash has run away from Evil before.  Wise move really.  Been there, done that.

But when Evil comes for Ash and those he cares about, running doesn’t work anymore.

Ash hides his fear behind smart remarks and dares face Evil head on.

The timid hide – hoping the Evil will forget about them.  (It won’t.)

Like Ash, Trump is fighting great Evil threatening the globe.  but they are not alone.  There is a vast army of Inner-Ashes growing in the land.


Those Janes and Joes who know there is nowhere left to run.

Everyone has an inner Ash.  Evil shows it’s face to some of us sooner rather than later, and it is transforming in an awful way.


After that some people get so mad they are not going to take it anymore.  The fear is still there, but the anger is burning and they will stand up to the Evil!


We may be a going down but we are taking down some Evil down with us as we go.

Ashley J. Williams and Donald J. Trump are the Everyman,

they are us.  Don’t mess with us.


Or as Ash would say,

“Come get some!”


Rash Manly

April 8th, 2016






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