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Bachelor: Peter Weber, Madison Prewett over 2 days after finale – no one saw that coming

March 13, 2020

On Thursday, “The Bachelor” star, 28, revealed he and finalist Madison Prewett “mutually decided to not pursue our relationship any further,” detailing his love for the 23-year-old Alabama native in an emotional Instagram post.

Trump vs. The Evil Reds

April 8, 2016

Donald J. Trump is our Ashley J. Williams.   For those who don’t know, Ash Williams is the hero of the Evil Dead universe. Ash is Everyman – often afraid, outnumbered, outgunned, outsmarted, out of the loop and out of luck.   Ash is me and maybe you. So when all the wiser men, the […]

Danger: A few Manly Men and Women still on the loose

August 23, 2015

In 1987, I published the first book in the field of Human Paleopsychology. This approach is premised on two basic assumptions: First, human beings have an ancient and rich evolutionary history, and second, that ancient history is thoroughly involved in everything we feel, think and do personally, politically and morally. According to famed neuroscientist Paul MacLean, the human brain is composed of a primeval reptilian segment at the lowest level, a mammalian segment at mid-level and a human or neocortical segment at the highest level. I added the notion that we human beings are constantly “regressing down” or “progressing up” MacLean’s triune brain system in the natural flow of behavior.

Ashley James Williams has a message for Evil (censored)

August 16, 2015

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Forgive my maleness – I was born this way

June 7, 2015

Wimpization must have started long before the seatbelt law (again, in some supercilious, super-silly Western countries, even affecting riders in the back seat; thank god we here remain more humane), or the day Robert Jaworski started using a clutch bag (of pure leather, mind you). And well before kikay kits turned unisex.

Why do Men exist?

May 20, 2015

Feminists have debated it for decades, but scientists have finally got to the bottom of why men still exist.
Biologists have always puzzled over why males have survived given that their only contribution to reproduction is sperm.
It makes far more sense in evolutionary terms to have an all-female asexual population which creates daughters who can reproduce rather than sons who cannot, such as the Mexican whiptail lizard.
But new research suggests that sexual competition for mates keeps populations healthy, free of disease and genetically diverse.
“Almost all multicellular species on earth reproduce using sex, but its existence isn’t easy to explain because sex carries big burdens, the most obvious of which is that only half of your offspring – daughters – will actually produce offspring,” said lead researcher Prof Matt Gage, from the University of East Anglia School of Biological Sciences.
“Why should any species waste all that effort on sons? An all-female asexual population would be a far more effective route to reproduce greater numbers of offspring.
“Our research shows that competition among males for reproduction provides a really important benefit, because it improves the genetic health of populations.”

The return of Ashley James Williams

May 11, 2015

Throughout his illustrious career, Bruce Campbell has played rude maitre’ d’s, snooty ushers, doomed archaeological explorers, and obnoxious versions of himself; he’s played disgraced Navy SEALs, the king of rock and roll, and, as of last Sunday’s episode of The Librarians, he’s even played Santa Claus. But Campbell will always and forever be known as Ashley J.”Ash” Williams, the chainsaw-handed, shotgun wielding, demon fighting antihero of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead films.

So it’s only natural that Raimi and Campbell, the icons of the series, should return to show a new generation the right way to clean up evil in Starz’ upcoming Ash vs Evil Dead TV series. Credit due to Fede Alvarez for making a slick update on the Evil Dead formula in his 2013 remake; he turned out a tidy profit for TriStar and churned a few stomachs in the process, but all without capturing the magic of the original movies.

The Progressives/Liberals War Against Males

November 4, 2014

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October 25, 2014

TRASHY MOVIE SATURDAY NIGHT – ‘Frankenstein’s Daughter’ – ‘Dracula VS Frankenstein’ – ‘Halloween’ – ‘The Evil Dead’


October 18, 2014

TRASHY MOVIE SATURDAY NIGHT – ‘ The Occupants’ – ‘Haunt’ – ‘Way Of The Wicked’ – ‘Cry Baby Lane’