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Obama Versus George Zimmerman



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2 Responses to “Obama Versus George Zimmerman”

  1. Once the president of the United States weighed in,
    Zimmerman had a target on his back.
    An ounce of election advantage to our privileged,
    Ivy League president versus the ruination
    of a Hispanic man’s life —
    it was an easy choice for Obama.

    Obama’s great appeal to voters in 2008 was his
    self-presentation as a black man without animus
    or grievance,
    eager to move the country
    beyond divisions of all sorts —
    black and white, red and blue.
    In reality, Obama is obsessed with divisions —
    race, class, gender —
    and is expert at fueling war between us,
    to his political advantage.

    • Very well written Rick,
      I agree with you %100.

      Thank You for such a thoughtful comment and
      Thank You for reading 22MOON!


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