You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Attacking the President with flying objects A-OK with the media and the Left Wing!




Bush chuckers
target shoe 


A Chinese shop 

is giving discounts to 

customers who hit an 

image of George Bush 

by throwing shoes.

Customers hitting zones 

A-D can receive a discount

from 20% to 50% off at the 

store in Wenzhou.

The activity, with a slogan

“Hitting for world fame 

and good fortune”, 

was so popular among 

shoppers that the store 

had to call police 

to maintain order.

During the first 30 minutes 

of the special promotion they 

sold 64 pairs of shoes and 

earned more £1,000. 

Several hundred pairs of shoes

were sold on the second day.

“We were inspired by the 

shoe throwing incident in 

Iraq and hoped customers 

can get some entertainment 

while shopping,” 

said the shop owner.





If anyone threw   

a shoe at the
chosen one
Barack Obama
they would be
thrown UNDER
the jail for years!




          “Lock up    

         that threat 
         to national    

        security and
        throw away
          the key!!!!”









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